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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Joel
Just wanted to give you both a shout out for being such amazing paramedics and working so well with our community members. Thanks you so much and keep up the awesome work!! : )
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to paramedic Craig P. for being so cool under pressure.
Posted by Fahad Saleem
Thank you to both Paramedics on the IFT team who transported me from Rockyview General Hospital to Mayfair clinic for my appointment on Sept 29, 2023. Both paramedics were extremely professional and showed care and compassion. I cannot thank you enough that you were there to support me in that difficult time! Keep up the great work!
Posted by Fahad Saleem
I was transported to Rockyview Hospital on September 21, 2023 am from Evanston. Both paramedics were extremely professional and helpful! I do not recall their names however, I want to say that you folks looked after me at my residence and during transportation. I can't thank you enough! Keep up the good work!
Posted by Anonymous
On Thursday November 9th 2023 two attentive paramedics and a crew of fire fighters took care of a 79 yo woman who had a severe stroke which was due to a major brain aneurism. They all were very caring, helpful and prompt in caring for her ASAP. Thank you from the bottom of my whole families hearts for everything.
Posted by Anonymous
AHS EMS, Okotoks, was dispatched to my apartment. I had a fall and hurt my hip and pelvis. The two EMS that arrived were so very professional and gentle with me. They made this experience so much easier as was my first ambulance ride. I cannot thank them enough
Posted by Yaroslav Shpanko
I had an attack, I am a diabetic of group 2, I had low sugar, the paramedics not only helped but also controlled me for some time, they also gave recommendations, which I followed and received help in rehabilitation. I am Ukrainian and in Calgary for 2 months I could not get help from family doctor on time. Many thanks for the rescue and advice.
Posted by Crystal Valdez
I want to thank the paramedics and bystanders who revived my brother on July 20, 2020 at the Dalhousie Ctrain station. 3 years later he is doing quite well (brain injury but functioning well in a supportive living facility). As his family, we are grateful for your extraordinary efforts as this would have been a very stressful situation I'm sure!
Posted by Debra Lum
Angela and Sandra, Crew 42, attended to my neighbor. They went above and beyond the call of duty. They cleaned her up after she was unwell. They provided her with reassurance and gave her treatment at home after checking in with their medical director. They listened, were calm and reassuring. Very kind and did not rush her treatment.
Posted by Erin Rayton
A big Thank You to Janice
Posted by Lori Chapman
In Sept, I slipped and fell rather badly on the floor. I managed to get myself up to my bed, but the pain was so bad I called 911. A gentleman named Ben and another one named Dave attended. How can I praise them when I’m not given enough characters to do so?! Ben and Dave attended and were so funny and so knowledgeable. Great job!
Posted by Ryan Talbot Jones
I wanted to thank the paramedics that saved my life from the bottom of my heart, for their quick response and the excellent care that they provided me on the way to the U of A hospital in Edmonton. Words just don’t seem to be enough. I want to hug all of you. I would not be here today without you. Thank you so much.
Posted by Paul Wozny
Exemplary and caring service and support by EMS team helping my mother Dolores Donyluk, 87. Thank you to an excellent and caring team!
Posted by Anonymous
Approximately 7 a.m. Friday October 14 I had a first ever fainting / dizzy spell and collapsed on the floor on the way to the bathroom and could not get up. The paramedics arrived instantly and pulled out my kitchen window to get in. They were so kind and patient and thorough checking everything and giving me good practical advice. Thank you!
Posted by Stacy Cross
The paramedics saved my life, stopped any damage to my heart. Most would thank the doctors but in my case, it was the paramedics who deserve the thank you. You are the life savers truly. May God protect you as you protect us all!!! Thank you.
Posted by Bonnie Swan
I wish I had the actual name of both of the medical people that attended me on Sunday, 8 October in Calgary. We have only been here in Calgary two years. They were kind, efficient and explained everything along the way. Arrived less than five minutes after the call.
Posted by Renée DangerfieldAllen
Shout out to Zane and Dylan who were so excellent today. I apprectiated their professionalism, patience, knowledge, care, and humour. I wish every experience I had with medical professionals was as amazing! Well done 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Thank you. Renée
Posted by Devon Gillard
My experience with EMS on Monday, October 4th, was outstanding. They were kind, attentive, and respectful. They stayed with me for forty-five minutes while the hospital admitted me, and 8 hours later, they called out in celebration on seeing me leave the hospital just as they were bringing another patient in. Simply incredible people.
Posted by Greg Coupal
Thanks to the paramedics who attended to me on September 24, for a dislocated hip. You were personable, efficient, professional I could have asked for nothing more. You transported me to Rockyview and made sure I was comfortable in my little stall! To you and all of your coworkers, Thankyou for your service to the community. God Bless you!
Posted by Connie Julien
A couple months have passed since these two amazing paramedic’s attended a call involving my mum. They were so kind to her, they were so gentle (as my mum is pretty fragile) they made her laugh, and they even washed her sweater out which had blood on it. These two paramedics deserve a HUGE thank you.
Posted by Jorgie Hidalgo
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the gentleman and lady of EMS for stopping by to check me when I got a vehicular collision at 118 Ave and 139 St, in Edmonton. Though there was no apparent injury from both sides, they still stopped to ask if I'm OK.
I would to express to you the wonderful care I received from Paramedics( training, Ian and John) on September 21. They assisted me around 4pm that day. I especially want to say Congratulations to Brady on his graduation! Best of luck to him.
Posted by Netanya Bilhete
On the morning of September 25 I was attacked by a dog. I would like to thank the brave, calm, caring EMTs that saved me that day. Your work is so incredibly important, may God bless and protect you.
Posted by Anonymous
A heartfelt thanks to the medics that took care of my son. 3rd day of kindergarten and he had fallen and broken his arm. Although the time with EMS was short it has been a highlight that he hasn't stopped talking about from the medic moose which is now a prized possession in our house and the "medicine they squirted in my nose".
Posted by Anonymous
Dear Dave the paramedic with the mostest. Thank you for coming to me in my time of need. You went above and beyond.
Posted by C Randall McCreary
Brian and Bryce, Thank you very much for the informative and professional care you provided to our daughter Sara in September when you drove her to the Strathcona Hospital. Your caring and patience significantly reduced an extremely very stressful and scary event for my daughter, wife and me. EMS is very lucky to have you two.
Posted by Lorraine Mooney
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the care and attention I received Monday Sept 11,’after a freak accident, paramedics Natalie and Braydon were exceptional in their professionalism!
Posted by Anonymous
Thanks to the paramedic team that showed up at the scene of the collision at Glacier Ridge NW in August, 2023. Myself and my 2 children felt well taken care of. Thank you!
Posted by Nicole Haacke
Thank you!- Mitch
Posted by Meagan Gray
To the three paramedics who showed the utmost respect and professionalism to me while assessing me, transporting me, and triaging me, thank you. You made the entire situation so much better. I truly appreciate your kind and thoughtful questions. It turned out to not be worst case scenario and I’m so thankful for their quick acting and compassion