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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Anonymous
Thanks for everything you do ❤️
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to all EMS staff. We appreciate you and the work you do for all of us 💕
Posted by Lynne Lechelt
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for the care and kindness given to me by Eric and Sheena during an atrial fibrillation episode I had on Friday, 16 September. Eric and Sheena ensured I was safe and cared for as well they we considerate and gracious to my family. Thank you so very much. Lynne
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for taking great care and kindness with our brother, Ron. We always rest easy knowing that he is in the hands of the great staff of Alberta Health Services.
Posted by Anonymous
CORY and his partner WOODWARD got me to a hospital safely Sunday night from downtown Calgary. I was alone, afraid, in pain, physically and emotionally Cory talked with me while his partner drove. Cory: that brief time with you was more helpful than any and all the psychiatrists I have encountered thanks so much Diane
Posted by Anonymous
my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Calgary EMS paramedics especially Rachel for your kindness, professionalism, and ability to laugh WITH me during my "mental meltdown" reaction to stress PTSD related with suicidal ideation. you all helped me save myself that night and we all were correctLIFE is worth LIVING. thanks. Diane
Posted by Anonymous
We would like to thank the wonderful EMS teams who responded when our elderly family member fell and broke her hip at home. An initial team arrived in less than 10 minutes in an SUV and assessed her and provided pain relief. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later and took her to the hospital. We appreciate both teams' swift and kind response.
Posted by Gary Makar
On behalf of our entire family, we wanted to thank the EMS team who cared for my Mom Helen on Saturday, Sept. 10 at The Manor Village in Varsity Calgary. I believe the team was from a NE Calgary EMS station. Brittany was only name I caught but the others were exceptional!!!!!
Posted by Anonymous
I had the misfortune of using your services August 8, 2022, but they were exemplary! I am hoping to thank the ambulance attendants personally who transported me from Didsbury Hospital to Peter Lougheed Hospital in Calgary. I did not get their names.
Posted by Tom Fisher
Where do we even start. We had a wild ride. We had three sets of paramedics sit with my husband while he was waiting for a bed at Red Deer Hospital. We acknowledge you have your own families but yet you gave of yourselves so freely and kindly to take care of him, even going over shift time if necessary. We appreciated every single one of you! 🥹
Posted by Kelly Rodak
Thank you to Sheldon
Posted by Nancy pelkey
My 90 year old mother was taken by ambulance to rocky view tonight and all three ems were compassionate had a sense of humour and I loved them. Thank you so much for what you do
Posted by Sharann Roxburgh
To the wonderful first responders that came to our home to help my husband who collapsed at the front door. The fire department arrived first and started taking care of him, then started CPR. The paramedics took over when they arrived. I want to thank you sincerely for the wonderful work you did and do everyday.
Posted by Adrienne Pearson
Dan and Andrea today transferred by Mom Kathleen from her home to Roozen Community Hospice. She didn’t want to go with them but they never lost their kind and caring manner. They settled here into her beautiful room and the Hospice. These two are gems. Please pass on our entire family’s thanks!
Posted by Julia Rakowski
Thank you to the two paramedics who came to my rescue after a severe hypoglycemic episode. I may not remember your names, but I'll never forget your kindness and caring not just for myself but for my partner who was shaken by the incident as well. Keep up the great work!
Posted by Richard Andrews
Many thanks to the 2 paramedics for the prompt efficient service provider on Thurs 18th Aug much appreciated.
Posted by Anonymous
We want to give a special thank you to Melissa
Posted by Brock Helgeson
Due to the meds, I do not remember the names of 2 girl paramedic team that picked me up. They know who they are, and please extend a massive thank you for there kindness and professionalism! I am 3 days post OP on the road to recovery thanks to them. Keep up the good work. It’s appreciated. Cheers Corona guy.
Posted by Brandy MacDonald
My toddler was in respiratory distress, he is already on home oxygen, the PRU arrived first and increased my son's oxygen needs past what we could regulate at home. Thank you to the paramedics for their genuine caring, making sure my son had his favourite stuffy and I had clean clothes. Those small things mean so much.
Posted by Andria Wyper
I'm sending an enormous "Thankyou" to Becca. We were leaving a campsite near Jarvie, when my husband had what appeared to be a heart attack. Becca answered my 911 call. Her calm, confident manner quelled the panic threatening to overwhelm me. Thankyou for helping me. Know that you are treasured by the people you help on a daily basis.
Posted by Joseph Smith
After enduring excruciating lower back pain for five days (long story), 911 was called on the morning of Friday, July 29. While several people were involved, Lukas and Sarah were the primary caregivers. They were beyond outstanding warm, cariing, compassionate, reassuring, professional. Thanks Lukas and Sarah for getting me to South Health!
Posted by Roger Simms
On the 22 July 2022, I suffered a medical event at Broadmoor Lk Park in Sherwood Park. I was completely disoriented and in distress. The first responder on scene was Cole. Was I impressed. Efficient, knowledgeable, compassionate, and so reassuring. Mitch and Caitlin arrived to transport me. They were simply amazing! God Bless them all.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you Central Alberta EMS! You guys are the glue keeping the system together and it is appreciated! I want to not only thank Red Deer EMS, but also the RURAL ambulances, such as Sylvan Lake, Eckville, Rocky Mountain House, Innisfail, Rimbey, Stettler, Blackfalds, Lacombe, etc! Without the rural ambulances, nothing would stay afloat!
Posted by Chris B
Many many thanks to the EMS team who responded at Forest Lawn's Bob Bahan gym facility weight room on Friday 20 Nov 2020. It was there I was encountered as "man down" that morning due to an incident traumatic brain injury of which I have no memories. Convulsing, I was rushed to FMC's Emergency for triage into I.C.U.. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!!!!
Posted by Kayla Lake
Thank you to Rory and Zach! Two outstanding professionals who supported my husband and I during a post partum complication. They were kind, calm and worked with all AHS staff to have me cared for effectively and timely. They both are skilled health care workers who actively advocated for my needs. Thank you!
Posted by Mael Bartlett
Huge thank you to the paramedics that responded to the medical emergency I called in. They were fast, professional, and super caring. It was a huge relief for me to see those flashing lights. As well as a thank you to the dispatcher who guided me through before arrival.
Posted by Nina Douglas
Everyone who turned up to help were amazing but there were a couple people who were incredible. One was a man named Darryl and a lady named Alissa. Both of them were so supportive and Darryl never really left my side for 4.5 hrs and making him tell me his life story while I was in pain really got me through till they could relocate my foot.
Posted by Eileen Lesko
To the EMS providers who picked up, cared for, and made sure my husband Tim was safely and quickly taken to the University of Edmonton Hospital on Sat, July 9 thank you. You were professional, you were caring, you were quick. Having a TIA is a bad way to spend a weekend and I can't thank you enough for how good you were to us.
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to thank the ambulance crew who provided initial treatment to me following a suicide attempt and subsequently transported me to South Health Campus in Calgary. I regret being a burden to an overtaxed healthcare system, but am truly grateful for the lifesaving services I received from wise, skilled and caring professionals.
Posted by Anonymous
We had a paramedic named Sam respond to my call in regards to my grandfather. We have had many paramedics come and go prior but Sam was very kind and very nice about the whole situation. As a family we would like to thank you for getting to us on time and helping my grandfather.