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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Lorraine Mooney
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the care and attention I received Monday Sept 11,’after a freak accident, paramedics Natalie and Braydon were exceptional in their professionalism!
Posted by Anonymous
Thanks to the paramedic team that showed up at the scene of the collision at Glacier Ridge NW in August, 2023. Myself and my 2 children felt well taken care of. Thank you!
Posted by Nicole Haacke
Thank you!- Mitch
Posted by Meagan Gray
To the three paramedics who showed the utmost respect and professionalism to me while assessing me, transporting me, and triaging me, thank you. You made the entire situation so much better. I truly appreciate your kind and thoughtful questions. It turned out to not be worst case scenario and I’m so thankful for their quick acting and compassion
Posted by Hilary Welte
Jared came to collect our Dad at his condo to move him to Hospice. Dad was given great respect. Extra moments on a beautiful June day were spent in the courtyard, with the sun on Dad’s face. Jared settled Dad in and talked about Dad’s working life
Posted by Sandra Spence
Many thanks for taking the extra time to assess Mom and to find your student in the maze upstairs while we were downstairs! Thank you for your patience, and understanding, for taking the time to explain what the steps are and for reassurance, You took very good care of Mom and I want to say Thank You for keeping her safe and many, many others.
Posted by Shannon Sammel
I had a severe anaphylactic reaction at my work this past Friday. Within 5 minutes of someone calling 911, 2 paramedics arrived and were amazing. Max was one of their names, and I unfortunately don’t remember the other but they were both incredible. I don’t think I would be here today if it wasn’t for them. Thank you so much. -Shay
Posted by Estelle and Bill Usher
Thank you for the prompt and courteous care which Bill received in August upon his admission to the Grey Nuns Hospital We are so grateful for the professional and compassionate manner in which it was handled. Please never forget how appreciated you are!
Posted by Diana (Danuta) Kuna
On Tues Aug 29 I was knocked down by 2 dogs and broke 2 bones in my pelvis. EMS Justin and Troy were the responders. They were so kind and patient and made the ride to hospital bearable. Thank you thank you thank you. EMS is fortunate to have you!! ♥️
Posted by Ben McGregor
Thank you to the two paramedics who attended my grandfather. Your kindness and compassion were deeply appreciated and your actions facilitated him to fulfill his wish to pass away peacefully at home the next day. Sometimes the simplest acts are the most meaningful.
Posted by Neesha Riches
Thank you Todd and Richard for your calm and reassuring care. You two really helped deescalate my severely anxious boy and my bleeding mama heart. You two were just what we needed to start off the experience on the right foot. You guys do amazing work and I wanted you to know you made an impact on us.
Posted by alexander palmer
I want to thank the paramedics to help me out on August 2019 when I broke my right knee I don’t know who the Paramedics were but as they came on scene they really helped me out I did not I was not able to get up as they called 911 also, I really wanted to think, the firemen on that scene also. EMS and fire were Amazing.
Posted by Donna Boutilier
In appreciation of the paramedics who responded to an incident at Peace Garden Park who not only supported my beloved Bug's Grandma but ensured he was brought home to his momma at Kiwanis Place.
Posted by Elaine and Larry Rowan
As seniors who have never had to call an ambulance before we want to thank the 2 paramedics, Adelle and Trish, who came in response to our call for help yesterday. They arrived quickly, found out what my husband's medical problem was and arranged for hospital access extremely efficiently. They gave us confidence of being well taken care of.
Posted by Debbie Hill
A big thank you to Shane and Sarah and the other 2 EMTs (sorry can’t recall names) who came to assist my husband this morning. Like all paramedics and first responders who deserve our support and appreciation they were professional and polite while performing their duties. Please know that for everything they do for us we are extremely gratefu!
Posted by Erik Loch
I want to say thanks to paramedics David and Ben for assisting CPS. They were on an unrelated call when they went to assist a victim of domestic violence and called CPS. Their observations provided excellent grounds for the laying of charges and helped stop a cycle of violence for the victim.
Posted by Amber C
32 years ago, three paramedics treated me in an MVC. I recently got in touch with one of those paramedics who is now working in Ontario. Another one of those paramedics was Eric Arnestad. I honestly can't thank these paramedics enough for saving my friends and my life. The words on this page can't do it justice.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to the two amazing paramedics who helped me back on July 22nd. You both were so compassionate towards me. It was such a traumatic evening and I appreciate your kindness and helping me to remember to breathe properly as well.
Posted by Natasha Gailing
Thank you to all the first responders who helped my husband on the night of August 3, 2023!! You are absolute heroes! From the 911 dispatcher to the first ems responder, the 2 firemen
Posted by Caryn
A big thank you to Tristan and Alex, who put us at ease right from the start. They were knowledgeable and friendly, even making sure I found my spouse once we got to the E.R. I'm thankful that we have such thoughtful, kind people working as Paramedics in our area!
Posted by Anonymous
An elderly woman fell off her bike in Mckenzie Lake in August. First, a paramedic in an SUV was sent. Next, an ambulance arrived. Thank you so much for helping her and showing kindness. A new blond haired woman,(trainee), was on the amblance (Tory). Did a great job. Thanks for all you do each and every day to support Calgarians.
Posted by Anonymous
Sarah and Shane: words can't explain how grateful I am for your patience and KINDNESS. I will never forget your kind generosity towards my son. I wish I could reward you both Very professional and special team Thank you❤️
Posted by Anonymous
My deepest appreciation for the efforts of the two EMS professionals who treated my mother at a managed care facility. Their knowledge, professionalism and overall courtesy resolved care related issues and brought great comfort to my family as well as the nursing staff at the facility.
Posted by Lisa Dare
My sister and I wanted to express our thanks and appreciation to Anna and Eric who responded to a call at our mother's home after she had a fall. They were so caring, empathetic, understanding and reassuring with a very challenging situation. Thank you does not seem enough for all that they did and for their true professionalism.
Posted by Julie Vizza
July 23, two ambulance were dispatched to my father's condo. Both teams were excellent but the team that provided the most care were amazing. One of the paramedics saw us arrive at the hospital, got triage to get us into a private room and came to reassure us of the care my dad was receiving. So compassionate.Wished I could thank her personally.
Posted by Allan Demers
I would like to thank the fantastic team Bravo 122. Jess
Posted by Zeyu T ao
I'm Cris, the one who got autonomic disorder and panic attack. Thank you guys so much for the last 3 times of ambulances, each one of you have saved my life, you guys are very responsible and professional, and always arrive on time. I feel really sorry about calling 911 because I haven’t go to any hospital for 4yrs. REALLY appreciate your help!!!
Posted by Mohammad Alamatsaz
Dear Calgary Paramedics, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional dedication and service. Your selflessness and expertise in providing emergency medical care make a significant difference in the lives of countless individuals in our community. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to saving lives and keeping us safe.
Posted by Angela HickEwing
On July 20 my daughter broke her arm. We were at the Sturgeon Hospital and it was determined that transport to the Stollery was needed. We had an amazing paramedic team. Both these guys were kind, supportive, fun loving and overall amazing. I can’t thank them enough for their help ♥️
Posted by Anonymous
Last July my wife called me and yelled to call 911. I did not know what had happened but she was sitting on the stairs and was having trouble breathing. I immediately called and the paramedics arrived within 10 minutes. They took action and asked all questions in a calm and professional manner. Great work . Well done