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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Cameron Doerr
I have never been in so much pain in my life yet not for a single moment did they ever make me feel ashamed for being emotional. The entire time they constantly asked how I was doing and helped to calm me down. I can’t thank them enough. Their professionalism, competence, and compassion will never be forgotten. Thank you so much.
Posted by Cheryl Curtis
I would like to thank you for going to work no matter the weather and responding to all sorts for calls including traffic accidents. Merry Christmas to you and your families.
Posted by Kevin Shea
I wish to thank the paramedics who went above the calll of duty to ensure I got to the hospital safe and sound. They also made arrangements for my wife to accompany me. The treatment I received made my accident somewhat bearable while they exercised the highest level of professionalism. Thanks to Serah
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you. You folks do an awesome job!
Posted by C. Watts
EMS team really wanted me to go to emergency as, unknown to me, I was manic. I initially refused. They eventually reluctantly called the police to get me there. It would have been a bad scene if the police showed up. They were visibly very relieved when I finally said I would go. I could tell they really cared and that meant a lot to me. THANK YOU!
Posted by Irene Konechny
In 70 years I have never used an ambulance. This year I used them three times. Twice I thought I was having a heart attack, the third I had to go from Urgent Care to Rockeyview for a catscan. All of these times everyone was absolutely wonderful and never made me feel that I was in any way being a nuisance.
Posted by Richard Saunders
Not sure how to say this, but 1 year a go I got so depressed I wanted to end it all and tried (or not really!), the one memory of the worst day of my life was the amazing support I received from the paramedics that responded, its very hard to put into words, but their actions and speech truely helped me turn the corner!!!!
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to thank the paramedics that came to my house while I was having a pancreatic attack on Oct 22 2018 they were very caring and I appreciated that very much thank u so much I never got their names I hope they get recognized for their very caring nature
Posted by April Lee Baker
Thank you for being there for our son , and getting him to foothills hospital. He also told us that he asked you not to cut off his Calgary Folk Fest shirt, which you didnt. That ment the world to him. I was able to get the stains out. Keep doing what you do , saving lives and giving hope The Baker Family
Posted by Steph Hansen
I knew when I fell something was really wrong. The pain was unbearable. My 2 medics showed up and made sure the pain was minimized, got me in the bus and on the way to SHC quickly. They were very helpful and I’m sooo thankful for all they did that day.
Posted by Anonymous
10 years ago I started bleeding 25 weeks into my pregnancy. EMS staff remained calm
Posted by Carolina Aparicio
My family had just arrived from Mexico and my dad unfortunately slipped on ice, but today a week after the accident, all we can think of is the wonderful service and attention Evan, Bailey and Ivan gave my father. You are a true representation of the humanity your professions exudes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.
Posted by Ashley BialekCoss
Thank you Kat and Rod for taking care of me today! Your services and company were greatly appreciated!
Posted by Robyn Mast
I had an anxiety attack a few months ago in the middle of the night which I had never had before and honestly thought I might be dying. The paramedics were absolutely amazing! They kept me calm and even managed to make me laugh a few times! Of that entire ordeal, the part I always tell people is how amazing the paramedics were. Thank you!!!
Posted by craig mullen
Hi! I work at the Glenrose as a Clinical Nurse Educator, today we called a Code Blue response as we had a unresponsive elderly lady in our outpatient department. On arrival the EMS crew took over control and initiated ACLS. Thank you to the crew for working so well as a team, delegating, and being extremely respectful and helpful! THANK YOU
Posted by Pablo Barbaran
Thank you joe and jackie for being very caring to me while I had my cramps. I appreciate your help and tell the other guy I said thank you to. I didn’t ask for his name, I feel bad. But thank you to all three of you. You guys were gentle and attentive thank you.
Posted by Barbara Laferriere
Thank you for taking such great care of my husband this morning. He is home, feeling fine and will never take Niacin again.
Posted by Chris Fader
I would like to send a big shout out to paramedics , Richard and Keelan, who transported me from the Sheldon Chumir Centre in Calgary to the Foothills Hospital in Calgary the afternoon of Thursday, September 13 after I suffered a mild stroke. They were very friendly and professional in their duties and I appreciated everything they did.
Posted by Anonymous
I'd like to thank two wonderfully kind ladies who helped my sister on Friday August 31 in Mackenzie Lake. They were so kind and compassionate and helped to keep us calm in a chaotic time. Thank you all for what you do.
Posted by Kourteney Bach
To the ATeam that picked me up on HWY 1 north of Medicine Hat. It turns out there was nothing wrong, but at the time I was really scared. Your good nature, humor, and above all your professionalism helped me through a bad bout. I would also like to thank staff at the hospital, and the 911 operators.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you guys for being so good with my son
Posted by Susan Rex
For over a year now we have had to call out Paramedics for my 88yr father in law. Each time he was treated with care respect and humour. Five weeks ago I had cause to call them out for my 63yr husband for suspected heart attack. (It was) When he left hospital, we showed our appreciation. But where can we do this for the paramedics?
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to thank all that helped to save my Life. My 16 year old daughter found me after an accidental drug overdose and she called 911 thank God. I cannot thank you enough for getting me to the Rockyview Hospital for emergency surgery to save my legs from amputation. I am now Sober and attend NA meetings. Thank you for saving my Life!
Posted by Erin M
I want to thank Paramedics Nick and Mike, in Grande Prairie, who came and provided courteous and professional care to my family member on Sept. 4th, 2018 at 5pm. You guys were wonderful keep up the great work.
Posted by Taylor Kohler
Two paramedics arrived at McDonald’s today to have lunch. I pointed them out to my son (he is three) to which he was quite excited. On our way out, one of the paramedics parked the ambulance in front of our car so my son could see the ambulance and gave him the moose stuffed animal. It really made his day! Thank you!
Posted by Alexandra Turgeon
Thank you so much to all the paramedics I've had through the last few years. You've all been so helpful at times of distress and trouble. Thank you, you are all amazing!
Posted by Shelley Kesselman
On August 17, 2018 at home, I had a cardio event. My husband started CPR while calling EMS. They quickly arrived, did what they could in our home and took me to FMC where I was able to recover in the ICU and cardiac units. Their action and caring saved my life and I’m grateful to have the chance to thank them!
Posted by Sara McNally
Today I was picked up by 2 paramedics who were lovely. I was in much distress and after an hour or so they recognized I was likely in opioid withdrawal and things were deteriorating. They took necessary actions and I’m on my way to recovery at the RoyalAlex.
Posted by Erich and Pauline Schluff
Thank you to the young Paramedic men that assisted my husband and myself on August 13th. it was very much appreciated. My husband had fallen and had other issues I was pleased to follow them to freshen up my memory of the locations 😊 They were very considerate and professional.
Posted by Anne Blake
I would like to thank the paramedics and county rescue unit who attended my call to help my husband Dave in the early hours of August 13. You are all heros in my eyes. You did an amazing job of fighting for him. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did.