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Posted by Anonymous
Sorry to have no names! An intoxicated (high), individual had soiled himself and had requested EMS. When they arrived, they spent 1 hour graciously, patiently aiding the individual clean up and attempting to coax him into getting his clothes on (despite his paranoia) and eventual refusal to go to the hospital. KUDOS for your patience and care!!
Posted by Diana Jeha
Thank you for the teddy bear and your help! You made me feel really safe. Love, Diana.
Posted by Lynda Ross
Huge thank you to Mike and Andrea who helped my mom after she was knocked over at the dog park in Cochrane. They were very efficient and compassionate in helping mom. We had a long wait in ER and Mike and Andrea did everything possible to keep mom pain free and comfortable. They also advocated for what she needed with the ER team. Thank you!!
Posted by Arminty Clarke
At 305 PM, on westbound Glenmore Trail just east of Crowchild Trail, a brokendown vehicle was causing a huge traffic back up. Two paramedics put their ambulance lights on, blocked one traffic lane, and helped the driver push the vehicle safely to the shoulder of the road. It was so kind of them to help the driver out!! Thank you to them!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for saving my life...! I could have died, but I’m so greatful. If I make it I will pay it forward.
Posted by Kelsey Tarraran
Thank you Sue, and Paul E (who I’m confident will pass his practicum with flying colours) for reacting calmly and showing us love and support in the face of darkness when one of our own had a mental health struggle this morning. Thank you not only for caring for D, but for ensuring I was okay and ensuring I was okay. And for letting me cry hug you
Posted by Anonymous
Hi, On November 30, 2018, I was involved in an MVC. I had a lot of injuries including a head injury so I can’t remember who helped me that night. I’ve had a lot of support during this road to recovery but I would like to thank the paramedics for being so brave and helping me that night. Because of you all, I get to go back to school. Thank you!
Posted by Fleur McPike
About a year ago I was having some medical issues and I wanted to say a big thank you to all the paramedics that came to our home , but one in particular stood out, we had a regular conversation about tattoos..really showed me that there is still human kindness and hope for a future. So thank you very much for treating me like a person.
Posted by Anonymous
On behalf of Vivienne‘s family and myself THANK YOU and may God bless you today and always as you care for us. You saved her by reacting quickly to her heart stopping. Your quick action prevented any damage. She is still recovering, but we’re hoping she will be well soon. Thank you once again.
Posted by Brittany Hennig
Thank you for easing a new mom! Not only was I put at ease, my son even gave them a smile and an adorable moose which is his favorite toy now!
Posted by Anonymous
God bless you and all paramedics. You saved my companion’s life when she had a heart attack at church. On behalf of all her family thank you very much. When we arrived at the ER, your quick action, CPR, restarted her heart and she suffered no damage. She is now recovering after surgery.
Posted by Nicole St. Eve
Hi team NW Calgary in Huntington Hills! You came to help me after an anaphylactic reaction in my house. It was just me alone with my dog and you were SO calm no matter how scared I was and got me the help I needed so quickly so thank you. You are more than your job, you are heroes )
Posted by Ray Parker
We would like to give a huge THANKS to Lionel and Toby for keeping us safe and offering their assistance yesterday on Stoney Trail. We are sure that changing a flat tire is not in their job description but being concerned about our safety in the heavy traffic Lionel and Toby stepped in, changed the tire and got us back on the road. Many thanks.
Posted by Anonymous
I want to take a moment to say a big shout out to Jackie and Clinton. As one if the most experienced road crews they were phenomenal. Jackie’s care was outstanding in expertise and professionalism! (Taylor (working in the SUV supervisors role) arrived as first response to get treatment starteda bug thank you to Him prior to their arrival)
Posted by Anna Bruce
I work in a hospital and see the good that paramedics do on a daily basis. But I never TRULY knew the change they have on people’s lives. On the most scary and unimaginable day of my life it was the paramedics who responded and worked so tirelessly to do all they could, whose efforts gave me a few more days with my dad. You changed my life.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you.... Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for your strength. Thank you for your care and tenderness during our hardships. Thank you....
Posted by Ingrid Ewikowski
A call from me was answered by two very nice gentlemen paramedics on June 2, 2019 around 1230 a.m. in Edmonton. Reassurances that everything was fine, no matter how silly the question or fear makes all the difference. A heartfelt thank you for your kindness, but I FORGOT TO ASK YOUR NAMES! I hope this finds you.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for all you do. As a Registered Midwife I appreciate your care and expertise in transfers to the hospital from home births.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for saving my life. When I was one I lost my left leg on a lawn more thank you. You do not even know how happy I am I wish I could thank you in real life and now I'm ten turning eleven . THANK YOU
Posted by Anonymous
I have never needed to call 911 witch is good but I still want to say thank you! You have saved so many lives and it happens so fast that you don't usually get thanked. So I just wanted to say thank you so much. I know a lot of people that wouldn't be hear without you.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you so much for your service and you all have helped a lot of people. Who where in stress you all are the best thank you a again. You have been kind to us all we thank you so much.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for all of the lives you have saved and you made there lives better. You are hero's to all of those people you have saved. You make people fell safe when they know that you are around to help. Thanks for all of the work you do in saving lives.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for taking your time out of the day to save others' lives. If you weren't here, than we would be gone too! You're a great help to the world and to people in need, thank you for being here with us!
Posted by Anonymous
You are a hero!!! Thank you for saving many peoples lives that could of lost theirs. You must be very smart and brave to go out there and go through so much stress to bring someone to safety. Not all heroes wear capes and that is you!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for doing what you do every day. I really appreciate what you do to make our world a better place. Another reason I want to thank you is because you saved my Dads life. thank you for what you do!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for what you do. I really appreciate what you do to help others. I know 3 people in my class that you have saved, thank you for saving them. Everyone appreciates what you do and why.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for helping communities all around the world and in Stettler. You are the hero for millions of people around the world. Thanks for being a paramedic.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you so much for saving so many peoples lives.Even if they can't say thank you for what ever reason they do mean it. You have saved three of my classmates and they are so thankful for you!!!!!!
Posted by Jeanine Rebsomen
THANKYOU for coming to my aid when I cannot breath due to anaphylaxis. Thank you for being so skilled and competent, so calm and so reassuring. Thanks for your strength... thank you for instilling total trust and the knowledge I am in good hands. There really are no words! Sincerely, Jeanine
Posted by Jean Gauthier
I like to thank bassano ems for their hard work when i and my parents needed them. Keep up the good work