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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Robert Smith
I am so thankful for all of you hard working EMS members in and around Grande Prairie. Without you amazing crews, this last year my world be a very lonely place today. Your skills and dedication to saving lives is exemplary. May GOD Bless each and every one of you.
Posted by April P
Thank you for giving more time. To those who otherwise would've been gone. If it wasn't for you giving them the chance to see another dawn. You have more strength than most. I couldn't do what you do; in my eyes, you're a true superheroes and the world needs more like you.
Posted by April P
Thank you for saving people who mean the world to someone. Thank you for doing what you do. Thank you for choosing the career you have, I know it can't be easy on you. All the mothers and fathers you've saved, and the sons and daughters, too, and all the people in between that lived another day because of you.
Posted by Anonymous
In my 82 years I have not needed your services but thank you for being there, just in case, and also for your presence at public events. Such an important profession.
Posted by Anonymous
On more than a couple of occasions I've had to meet EMS at my son's home who was struggling with a substance abuse problem. On a couple of these occasions, the paramedics saved his life. I appreciate all of the first responders and especially the ones who take the time to show compassion. ❤️
Posted by Anonymous
THANK YOU! We appreciate the care and attention you put into every day and night. I hope that when you are off shift, you can take a few moments to rest your mind and body, and enjoy something that brings you happiness. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
Posted by Austin Carter
Thank you so much for supporting our community. I’ve worked closely with EMS as security and can never repay what you’ve helped us with. Keep on keeping on!
Posted by Cale Holmstrom
A sincere and heartfelt 'thank you!' goes out to all of my staff in Slave Lake District! They have seen some of the biggest up's and down's these past few years, but they continue to come to work each and every shift with passion in their hearts! They strive to provide excellent patient care on each and every event. Thank you for all you do!
Posted by Therron Braseth
My father John was a paramedic for the QE2 in Grande Prairie for 26 years so I know how the profession changes someone. It takes a special kind of person to be a paramedic. My dad is my hero and so are all the paramedics out there. Stay safe and thank you for what you do.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you so much for the selfless work you guys do at all hours of a day. I had to call for my son. He received a stuffed animal from you guys, he still holds it close to him at night. Thank you for being so calm and collected as well, I was an absolute mess. You guys took the time to give me reassurance and that night it meant the world 💖
Posted by Anonymous
In October 2021, I attempted suicide. Had my friend not called EMS, I would not be here today. I don’t remember much but I know the paramedics were crucial in saving my life. Thank you.
Posted by Jennifer Roy
I would like to send a heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart to Paramedic Dane!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to all paramedics who rush to save our loved ones each and every day! I have had to call for your help this past year with my 2 year old when he had some seizures and I am so thankful for the care they gave to my son and myself included. They were all amazing each time I called. Paramedics are INCREDIBLE people!!!
Posted by Ducky Platts
Thank you to my wonderful niece and colleges for taking training to aid when the call comes in. For all the hours you work and for the difference you all make for us. THANK YOU ALL.
Posted by Emily Maloney
Thank you for all that you do in keeping Albertans safe and healthy!
Posted by andre demers
On April 28th 2023, I had a heart attack, called the ambulance, and they arrived at my place in Calgary in about 10 minutes. A big THANK YOU to the 2 paramedics, they were professional, efficient, and compassionate. I was at the Foothills Hospital in no time to get the help that I needed to survive! Andre Demers Calgary
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you so much for your fast and amazing care tonight. You helped calm the situation down and educate us on what happened. You were both so kind and we really appreciate it.
Posted by Marie Renaud
I sincerely hope each and every one of you knows how extraordinary you are for serving your communities the way that you do. Thank you all! A special shout out to the awesome women and men who serve in St. Albert.
Posted by Leah Clark
Last night my husband found me unresponsive on the living room floor. I woke after approximately 10min to 2 of the most amazing paramedics. Their support, knowledge and comfort was second to none. They made me feel safe and that I was getting the best care possible. Thank you for everything on our short trip to Three Hills. Forever grateful ❤️
Posted by Sarah
I want to thank the paramedics (Gary and Laura) that transported our little one from the Foothills back home to the Red Deer NICU earlier this month. His calm demeanor and kindness saved me from having a complete melt down that day. Our family cannot thank you enough for your compassion!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for all that you and your team does! Keep well!
Posted by Anonymous
I work for an organization in the city of Lethbridge and we call community paramedics often for our clients. I want to thank CP’s for always being kind, listening, and giving advice and care to our clients. Our clients have said how pleasant, knowledgeable and kind CP’s have been. We have always had a great experience each and every time!
Posted by Katie Johnston
I have multiple friends who are paramedics, and want to extend the biggest thank you to them for everything they do. As well as every paramedic out there. You all do such an incredible job!!
Posted by Patty Moar
During the past five years I have called paramedics twice for relatives who were suddenly ill . Not only did they display efficient and careful response i was able to feel reassured along with my frightened family member due to their respectful, gentle but focused care.
Posted by Katherine Zilm
I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the two paramedics that supported me after my bike accident in Okotoks on the morning of May 13th, 2023. Their professionalism from the initial assessment through to advising me to inhale the gas as we traversed the road bumps enroute to High River emergency was greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
Posted by Anonymous
On May9th, afternoon, the Chestemere EMS Ambulance was called to my house as I was in excruciating pain. I'd like to say thank you to the drivers that helped me out. Guys, it turned out that I was transferred from Strathmore to Calgary for emergency life saving surgery. I was on the operating table on May10th at 100am, thank you.
Posted by Fred Nixon
Big should out to the first responders team that came to my resume yesterday,they were from the oogden well as the emerg staff at South campus,outstanding care and concern.thank you all!!!!
Posted by irma vagnertraverse
I had an incident Wednesday May 3rd at approximately 2130. The 2 paramedics that first responded were amazing and so, so kind. The advance care paramedics arrived shortly after. Their names were Owen and Connor and can I just tell you how amazing they both were?! I was SO well taken care of and treated with so much respect. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Posted by Scott Farnham
Thank you to the two paramedics ALS Team from Tofield who transferred me to Edmonton RAH emergency dept. on the nightearly morning of April 1516. I was admitted to the ICU and I am now home recovering. I could not have received better service and I am truly grateful
Posted by Anonymous
A very special THANK YOU to all EMS staff who took care of my father at the restaurant last night, as well as all staff at the UofA. Your care, attention and compassion was top notch. We are so fortunate to have you.