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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Karen Caine
I was treated very well by Kelly and Ian on Tuesday morning this week. I wanted to extend my thanks to them for their kindness, care and attention to my needs as a patient as well as my husband's. And thanks to all paramedics who continue to serve our community!
Posted by Louise Nelson
Thank you to the paramedics and firefighters that responded to the 911 call to our mother, in Terwilleger in Edmonton on January 25. Everyone was so efficient, professional and kind. Unfortunately, it was such an excellent and prompt response that names were not remembered. But the actions and faces will not be forgotten. The Galick Family.
Posted by Julia Halabi
Thank you all!! You are amazing!
Posted by Lorne Macbeth
I was picked up on December 15th, 2021 at approximately 1030am in NW Calgary for covid 19 complications, and was rushed to Peter Lougheed Hospital. I don't know the names of the attending paramedics but I wanted to give my extensive gratitude to them for helping save my life. Paramedics and the ER staff are genuine heroes!!
Posted by DianneI Beck
I was cared for on Jan 19th by the most wonderful, caring team. You were all so nice and I want to thank everyone involved. I send you all my thanks. The paramedics knew exactly what to do for my hypertension issue at 3 p.m. I was in emergency till midnight. I am so grateful to all.
Posted by Steve Matthews
Thankyou for saving my life. On Oct 31, 2022 while I was working in my home office, I collapsed with a ruptured aortic aneurysm. I had to get from Midnapore to Peter Lougheed Hospital in time for a vascular surgeon to repair the rupture before I bled out. The Paramedics where there quickly and took care of me and got me to the hospital in time.
Posted by Brian Hagel
To the two awesome EMS ladies who came to my rescue on Saturday Jan 7th at appx 1045am Thank you your kindness, care and attention made my first ambulance ride a much more enjoyable experience. You ladies were awesome, I appreciated your professionalism, kindness and care. Know you make a difference and it is appreciated.
Posted by Clint Hackman
On December 2822, Daphne, Keely, and new trainee Kendra responded quickly and were very compassionate and caring about my condition, and took care of my every need at the hospital. Thank you so much to all 3 of you. Also, Connor and Selena, who took over caring for me a few hours later, need to be commended. Thank you both.
Posted by Bruce Plante
During the early morning hours of Tuesday, January 3, I had a stroke while staying in a room at the River Cree Resort. Thanks to the two paramedics who arrived to transport me to the U of A Hospital and who worked hard and effectively to provide me with the medical care I required, I have made a remarkable recovery. Thank you so so much.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you, Andrew (Strathcona EMS), and your partner for your promptness, professionalism, knowledge, encouragement, but most of all your compassion and the care you took with my motherinlaw on Christmas Day (night). It was very comforting for all of us to have you here in our home handling the emergency with such ease and confidence. THANK YOU!!
Posted by Pamela Holmerson
Thank You for coming to get me and providing the care I needed on October 3, 2022. It turned out that I had a very bad intestinal infection that the surgeons took out and cleaned. I also had a umbilical hernia that was repaired on the 4th and the 8th. I also tested positive for COVID19 all at the same time. Thank You for all you do. Greatly appreciated!
Posted by Kelly Schmidt
I am so grateful to the paramedics who arrived after my 3 year old had an unexplained seizure and for the operator who walked me through looking after her before they arrived. She had a full body seizure and had momentarily stopped breathing. Thank you for looking after us and for the Medic Moose stuffy. Now 1 year seizure-free!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you very much to the two paramedics who took me to the hospital. You were the only two people who understood and I finally felt someone saw me and listened to me. I will never forget either of you.
Posted by S Frizzell
On Dec 12 EMS attended my elders rural property after she had fallen. She was reluctant to leave her home even though she needed attention due to advancing cancer. Thankfully, due to the compassion and care provided by EMS personnel she was transported to a hospital where she could ultimately receive comfort care in safety. She passed Dec 22 at 93.
Posted by Sophia Hemm
Jonah and Shawn, I want to thank you for the wonderful care you gave me when called to my residence on Christmas Day. You were both so kind and patient with me and I believe you went above and beyond in helping out that day. The compassion that you showed me was so appreciated. You are a credit to EMS and should be commended.
Posted by W Mitchell
Ian and Chris of EMS, you are amazing! Thank you for arriving so quickly. Your professional and kind approach gave me hope all the way to the hospital and in the ER. I was treated in time and am home again. You are true heroes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Very best wishes!
Posted by Anonymous
Dear Paramedics, Thank you for saving my life at the San Gabriel River bike trail on Dec 18, 2022. You were professional, you were caring, you were quick to transport me to ER at LACUSC. My family and I cannot express our appreciation for your kindness and assistance. Happy Holidays!
Posted by Lisa Hagen
I wanted to say a huge thank you to the two paramedics that attended to my Father-in-law on Saturday, December 17th in Parkdale. These paramedics arrived, assessed, and ensured his wishes would be respected with dignity. So professional and so compassionate. THANK YOU 🙏. You are valued and appreciated. With Gratitude -The Hagen Family.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for all that you do!
Posted by Gloria Clay
I want to thank Kyle, a young paramedic from Edmonton. He worked for an hour to find a friend in distress. Thank you all for trying to keep us safe.
Posted by Kathy Salloum
Regarding the night of Friday, November 18, 2022 I would like to give thanks to Kent and the EMS crew for a day we will never forget. Kent and his team made the last hours of my friend's life very memorable. I have a formal letter of thanks, but realize I can only give my gratitude in a few sentences. Kathy
Posted by Annette Dam
I called 911 for my dad who was having difficulty breathing. 4 wonderful men showed up and started him on oxygen. Then 2 Paramedics showed up to stabilize him and gave him some relief. He was transported to the GNCH. Thank you for being so kind to him during the wait for a bed in ED. Those last hours of his life were precious to me. Thank you!
Posted by Наталия Михнутина
I am very grateful to the paramedic team who rescued my son and took him to the children's hospital on November 28, 2022. We came from Ukraine, we do not know a lot of English. My son had a seizure, we were in a panic, but thanks to these paramedics and the emergency team, our son is alive! Thank you all very much, I wish our saviors good health!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you all for being awasome, saved my life many times, can't thank you all enough.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to the 2 women from EMS who came to my condo. They were so friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They set my mind at ease!
Posted by Jeanette Soroka
We had to call EMS for our grandfather and they were amazing. They were very kind and knowledgeable. The care they showed was exceptional and reduced our collective anxiety, including that of our grandfather. We are thankful he is in good hands. We appreciate the ambulance from St. Albert EMS for showing the utmost professionalism and care!
Posted by Alyse Schacter
Today I got into an accident and Jeff and his partner responded. They pulled over to help me out of the intersection and also helped me find my insurance / registration and pulled my bumper out of the intersection. They kept me so calm and I am forever grateful for their kindness!
Posted by Erin and Andrew Hynes
THANK YOU! to Amelia, Jonathan and Olivia (student)! We are so grateful for the professionalism and compassion you showed us while caring for our son Lucas!
Posted by Al Saulnier
On December 1st I was involved in an accident on a worksite. The EMS staff that arrived on scene were experienced, incredibly professional, and very kind. I can’t say enough good things about them, they made me as comfortable as possible! I could not have been in better hands!!!!
Posted by Geri
Unfortunately, I don't remember any names, but I do remember details. From the first Paramedic SUV, to the three paramedics in the ambulance, the care I received was exceptional. Thank you for everything!