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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Beltline DOAP
A very sincere and heartfelt Thank You to both Paul and Phil who our team happened upon last week in the SE. It may have just been a fateful ideal circumstance, but these two medics were absolutely exceptional. Their care and professionalism was above and beyond, and we truly appreciated all of their care and compassion 💜
Posted by Tianna Cleveland
I am a case worker for the Calgary Drop In Centre. On Thursday July 7 2022 I had EMS arrive for one of my residents. The 2 gentlemen who responded were amazing. They were compassionate and understanding in the residents hesitation to go with EMS, and were incredibly patient with him. The care they put into looking after him was above and beyond.
Posted by Hazel Martin
Thank you to Trever D. and his partner for their excellent care and treatment given to our son on Sunday, June 12.
Posted by Kathy Buckland
I want to send a Big Thank You 🙏to both paramedics that responded to my injury on June 21 at 130 am in Walden Calgary Alberta. They were very kind, caring and very professional in there duties and most of all they listened to me. I had a broken collarbone and three broken ribs from a fall . They came in and prepped me for everything . Thank 🙏
Posted by Anonymous
On a recent medical emergency call with EMS Chestermere: Both medics were absolutely fantastic team player people. Along with three of my fire colleagues, and the two EMS we functioned as a top notch medical emergency team. Thank you to both of the EMS professionals for being so patient, calm, teaching, and just great people. Langdon Fire!
Posted by Anonymous
I felt chest pains. It was very late and I was alone. After debating with myself on what to do, I called 911. EMS showed up within 5 minutes. They were my guardian angels. They saved my life. I am so grateful for their care, kindness and professionalism. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, always.
Posted by Sheila Bean
I fell off my bike and broke my arm on Thursday, June 16, in Fish Creek Park. Thank goodness for paramedics Kendall and Christina, who carefully bandaged my scraped knee and stabilized my arm at the crash site. They were consistently respectful, reassuring, kind, and professional. They kept me calm and comfortable on the way to RGH. I am grateful!
Posted by Frances Wright
Early Tuesday morning, June 14th, my husband called 911 as we thought I was experiencing a heart attack. Quickly Blake and Lyndsey arrived, assessed and stabilized me and then took me to the Chumir Centre where I also received excellent medical care for my new but severe Vertigo. Thanks to Blake
Posted by Marie McKay
I'm writing this on behalf of my mom. She had a fall in Walmart and her knees just gave out. We managed to get her home but we were very concerned about her. We called the paramedics and Sara and Sheldon responded very quickly. They were very professional and took great care of my mom. On behalf of our family, thank you to Sara and Sheldon.
Posted by Anonymous
We wish to thank Valerie and Aaron who responded to our emergency last evening in Calgary. They were calm, professional, patient and good natured in the malstrom that swept through our lives last night. Despite the pressures our health care system is currently undergoing, at no time was our care compromised. We are grateful to them. DavidLucy.
Posted by Wayne Davey
I would like to take the time to thank Edmonton EMS. This Past February my health took turn for the worst. I called 911 and needed EMS emergency services. Upon arriving to my home the fire department showed up first and then ems. I never thought I would use these services in the 63 years of my life. Well that changed. God Bless you for your help.
Posted by Linda Trautman
Was picked up at my residence Sunday morning by EMS. They checked my symptoms and decided to take me to the nearest urgent care not Peter Lougheed emergency. Took me to Sheldon Chumir urgent care
Posted by Anonymous
I want to thank Simon and William ( It is awful I am not too sure of the second name.) They helped me so much I should remember but my short term memory is failing. They came promptly and gave me so much help; I didn't think that EMS were supposed to do all that they did. Even fixed my phone, turned on the AC. checked on an essential delivery for me
Posted by Andrew Klassen
Thank you Kevin and Steph so much for all the awesome work you do! Couldn't have asked for a better EMS team! Let me know if there's a better way to give you a recommendation.
Posted by C Foster
To the EMTs who assisted the gentleman at chinook bowling alley , thank you both for your calm kindness , and understanding of the gentleman you were assisting , you made an awful accident a not too bad thing. Thanks so much.
Posted by Daniel Mah
To the two paramedics who responded, thank you very much for your compassionate care of my mom when we were worried she was having a heart attack. While it turned out to be much less serious, you were both very helpful and friendly and provided a level of care everyone should strive for. Again, thank you for your irreplaceable work.
Posted by ROB P
My wife and I want to express our sincere thanks to Olivia, Ethan, Kyle and fire officers whose names we didn't get when I suffered a heart attack at home early on June 4. You were thorough, professional and kind and kept both of us calm and informed through everything. In short you were brilliant! Thank you so much!!
Posted by Bree Tucker
Please please send my family’s gratitude to the EMS that came to my parents’ home yesterday in Sundance to check my Dad and get him to the hospital. You were amazing and kind and so professional, and gentle with my Dad. He is admitted now and has a long fight but without you he would not have gone to the hospital.
Posted by Dan Pedersen
In a world quick to criticize, we often forget to commend those for a job well done. Yesterday morning I found my father in distress and called 911. A paramedic arrived shortly later and took control of what I viewed as a dire situation. Her name was Jennifer and within minutes my dad was breathing and on his way to the hospital. Wonderful lady.
Posted by Cory Montgomery
I want to commend Supervisor Dustin and PCPs Dustin and Jethro on their IFT of our Stepdad from Edm General to a clinic at 1600hrs for M.A.I.D. The gentle kindness and care they displayed was so very much appreciated. I can’t speak highly enough about their professionalism and respect. Please pass on our gratitude.
Posted by Anonymous
You didn't give up. You fought for him performing CPR for 40 minutes after a cardiac arrest. He is now on the road to recovery. You enabled the moment today where he told his 13 year old daughter he loved her. We got to hear him laugh today and joke with his nurse. We can't ever thankyou enough!!!!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you very much for your hard work on an ongoing basis and especially through COVID19. You are real heroes, keep it up!!
Posted by Sylvia ChN
Thank you to the paramedics Christie and Christine who brought me to Foothills Hospital on June 8 because of my heart problem. They are excellent in keeping me engaged and distracted me with fun conversation from my anxiety. Stayed with me all time in the hospital till their shifts ended, very caring and pleasant. Thank you
Posted by Valerie Pruegger
I would like to thank the crew that showed up so promptly for my assessment and transportation to South Health campus emergency. They were also kind, courteous, and thorough. I felt like I was in very good hands. So thank you for all the work you do for all of us Wally, Lesley and Steve!
Posted by Debbie Stahl
Thank you Heather and Jim (Calgary EMS) for your great care and compassion when you responded to our call on May 18. In addition, thank you Victoria for your compassion and kindness on the 911 call.
Posted by Raymond Spielman
I wish to thank all staff who came to my house last Friday May 20. 911 phone call and minutes later a paramedic was beside me taking an ECG. The teamwork was perfect. Calgarians are so lucky to have such excellent fireahs people to take care of us in the most critical times. Your quick, professional effort saved my life . Thank you.
Posted by K Lois Zumwalt
Steve F, First Responder ,PRU,March 2522 2PM Thank you, so very much for your excellent care and attention. I certainly appreciate the care from you and the other two paramedics that afternoon. I continue to improve and appreciate the care you gave to me.
Posted by Brittany Wilton
My father did not want to go into the hospital, yet did not want to die at home. He was fevered and difficulty breathing, his battle with cancer was coming to an end. The RDES engine responded so fast, they were kind, helpful, and patient. Once RDES ambulance arrived, their compassion was astounding. Huge thank you to Brenden S and Brad T.
Posted by Anonymous
Hi. I have had severe anxiety for the past few years. I have called an ambulance almost daily because I can’t cope with it. The paramedics tell me that it’s anxiety and remind me about taking my medication. I know I don’t go a majority of the time but thank you for putting up with me.
Posted by Michele Parnall
Just want to thank my daughter Marlys for doing what she does to help so many people. She does an awesome job. Love her very much.