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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Jess Klaassen
Mar 2020 there were 3 of you who came to the house. One of you had been before, a few weeks earlier, as my BFF was palliative from cancer. The evening she died you took care of us. You
Posted by Kari Williams
I want to thank the 2 paramedics who helped my husband today. They made sure that he wasn’t left in the hallway at the hospital and came back 3 hours later to check in with himthat’s above and beyond and we both can’t thank them enough!!! He’s getting proper treatment now. You guy’s areAWSOME!!!!!
Posted by Kathryn Bergum
Thank you to the paramedics that took care of me on Monday Feb 15. Your care and compassion were appreciated.
Posted by Jason Currie
I wanted to give a very special thankyou to the paramedics who came Thursday Feb 12th. I was in so much pain.. and you were so sympathetic and patient. I'm sorry for what you saw. Worst pain in my life!! You helped and believed me. Thankyou! To Michelle, my son would love to be your Valentines date!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to the paramedics who've helped my elderly, frail and stubborn mother who has had some falls and other health issues. They've always taken such good care of her and treated her well
Posted by Sajida Arshad
Thankyou . You guys are awesome . You are the reason i am alive till this day , you arrived at the right time and all the effor t cause of the first responders. Big thanks tor saving peoples lives and giving them another chance to live
Posted by Terry Larson
Just a note to say you are appreciated all the time but certainly during this pandemic time. I was a medic from 8492 and.worked in the oilfield, Strathmore and STARS. MIoved on to policing for 31 yrs and still miss that work. Stay safe and take care. It was a very rewarding job you make a difference!!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for all you do for the people of Alberta. Your diligence, heart and hard work is greatly appreciated. Especially in times like this...pandemic and freezing temperatures. You Rock, Be Blessed!!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for all your hard work, especially during the last year with covid. I appreciate your commitment to your job and how you are always willing to go the extra mile to help out your patient and are calm in nature when talking to the bystanders.
Thank you for all nurses, MD and admin personal at Urgent Care at Airdrie Professional and caring staff as well next day Nurse called me Thank you be safe
Posted by Tuija and Domnic Dragoescu
To EMS Personal who came to our home, January 19 2021 around 1800 hrs we both where COVID positive. We where so thankful to have professional as well caring staff, their calmness and kindness will be with us long to come. Thank you for caring and putting yourself in harms way to help others. Take care and be safe.
Posted by Noella Bradbury
Thank you Paramedics Norbert, Crystal, Mark and Norm the driver for the wonderful care you administered to me when I was in cardiac distress. I felt very safe in you care and when my situation deteriorated you handled it in such a professional manner. Thanks again for your kindness, compassion and dedication. Noella Bradbury
Posted by Bob McDonald
Thank you to the two kind smart ladies who found me in pain, crumpled at the bottom of a set of basement stairs with my knee wrecked. You quickly got me comfortable, eased me upstairs and into the rig then a smooth ride to UAHospital. Wish I got your names, you were AWESOME!
Posted by Sheila Pogmore
I would thank Gabriel and Brendan for their professionalism and excellent care they provided on Jan. 18 at 300 pm.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you very much for all you do! Especially when you're putting yourself at risk while helping people. Stay strong!
Posted by Anonymous
To the guys that saved my life I just had to reach out because I couldn’t stop thinking about you being there for me and caring about me being safe
Posted by Nikunj Pathak
Thank you for the on time arrival and prompt medical assistance provided to me and took me to hospital on time and saved my life.
Posted by Allan Armour
On December 20 at 806 pm we called 911 as our mom, Joyce Armour, had fallen on our back deck in High River, AB. The Fire and EMS arrived within minutes. Thank you so much for your quick response and great care of her. After being in hospital for almost a month and 2 surgeries for hip
Posted by Kimberly Olson
To Ty Nguyen, Scott Cartwright, and Al (EMT student) Thank you for your kindness and good humour during my bad day at Alberta Health Services. I did have a concussion, but I was able to recover fully. I wish all of you good health and that you are able to survive this pandemic.
Posted by Anonymous
i would like to say thank you for the ambulance services paramedic who picked up my sister in and emergency situation to bring her to the hospital. Paramedics saves lives. You are great! Keep up the good work? Thank you again.
Posted by Bernadette Gasslein
To Dan and Brendan from Ft. Saskatchewan who came to my aid when I was having trouble breathing.They took me to the Alex, where it was determined I had blood clots in both lungs. You were AWESOME! Thank you, and all the best. Happy new year and stay safe.
Posted by Max Wang
Deep appreciation to the fire truck and ambulance team who rushed to stabilize our mom Y Wang at Signature Heights and sent her to the FH Medical Centre on Sun Jan 3. Their extremely quick response and professional care saved her life. Your dedication especially during the pandemic is wholeheartedly appreciated!!! Max, Connie, Ming and the family
Posted by Dolleen Armitage
My 85 yr old fatherinlaw was out for his morning walk on November 24th when he was struck by a car as he crossed Canyon Meadows Drive in a crosswalk. I wanted to let you know that Linder is recovering at home after sustaining a broken pelvis and tailbone. You are ultimately the reason he is still with us and we can’t thank you enough for that 🙏🏼
Posted by Anonymous
I was so relieved to be getting help in a situation that was beyond my ability to manage as a healthcare provider myself. It is so hard to be on the other side of healthcare asking and receiving help when you need it instead of providing the care. I am happy to say I am back to my regular role in part because of your help Thank you!
Posted by Monica Pederson
On October 3, 2020 I became quite ill and my friend called an ambulance for me. The paramedics were there fast, got me out of my 3rd floor apartment and took me to the U of A hospital. They were kind, calming and efficient. I was in a serious situation and they helped to keep me calm. They were so professional and kind... I'm so grateful.
Posted by Marianne Kasper
Thank you to the 2 female paramedics that attended to my Mom that was having a stroke in west part of Edmonton on the night of December 30, 2020. They were amazing with our 89 year old Mom took her to the Misrecordia and stayed with her until she saw the doctor . Their quick actions ensured less stroke effects Thank you the Kasper Family
Posted by Eileen Docekal
Many thanks to the two female paramedics that transported me to the hospital in the early morning ( 6 am) of Dec.18 to the Rockyview. I had injured my spine and they carefully helped me to get into the ambulance and gave me morphine to quell the pain.I appreciate their kindness and swiftness of response..
Posted by Anonymous
To Andrew and Stephan, When my grandma was dying you offered comfort and reassurance during a sad and scary time when we felt lost. She passed away peacefully moments after you left. Thank you for your care, compassion, good judgment and for listening. We will always remember your kindness. Your excellent service is much appreciated
Posted by Russell Jones
Myself, my wife and family would like to send our sincerest thanks for you being there for me when I suffered a heart attack December 24, 2020 0830 Event Number E20235541. If it hadn't been for the fast response time and excellent care I received while being transported to the Royal Alex hospital in Edmonton I might not be here to give thanks.
Posted by Keith James
Dec 08. My wife and I were exhausted from a major house move. She couldnt move out of bed, distressed, weak, sick. I called 911. The EMS crew were fantastic calm, professional, caring and respectful. The advice and choices they gave proved to be 100 correct. Thank you.