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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Melinda Tilley
Thank you to Brian and Chris. Your professionalism is outstanding. I salute you three for the way you handled yourselves and me. Your kindness will be remembered.
Posted by Carole Rush
TO Calgary medics, Madison and Deb-I had been battling an illness at home for a week. I felt very unwell on June 23 and called EMS. They assessed my condition inside the house, then escorted me to the ambulance continued assessment and treatment including IV fluids and antiemetic medication. Thank you!
Posted by Jim MacLachlan
My wife and I want to express our gratitude to Megan and Ryan (Edmonton) for their compassionate care of my wife on Saturday 15 July. Both are a credit their profession. -Jim M.
Posted by Dorien McClure
Two years ago you transported my dad from home to hospice. One of the worst days of my life. During the ride you reminisced with him about the old party scene in Calgary during the 80s and 90s. He passed in hospice a few weeks later. You were his last good conversation and his last friend. You gave him light I hadn't seen in him for months. Thank you.
Posted by Alberto Miguel
Thank you soooo much Laura and Derek that were passing by my place of accident (Heritage x Horton Road), stopped and took care of me. Both were extremely kind, professionals and competent and I couldn't be best served. You warmed my heart with your care. I cannot thank you enough. Keep the good work!!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for everything you do to save people’s lives each and every day and making the world a better place : )
Posted by Roberta Saley
On Wednesday July 12 I was transported from Grey Nuns hospital to home in Spruce Grove by two fantastic paramedics.They skill and care made the trip less nerve wracking I am truly thankful for their help! But the suspension on the vehicle could use a tune up! Thank you
Posted by Kourtney Aitchison
To Martin: you saved me from a black truck that you had to clean up all the drinks to get to me in July (Edmonton). Even though I showed no signs of neck trauma at the time you put a collar on me and most likely saved me from paralyzed. Turns out my c6 is broken and there is separation of the c5 c6. So thank you!!!
Posted by Abi Henneberry
To Lane, Brie and Matthew from Edmonton EMS, Thank you for helping me hold it together after a frightening MVA on the Anthony Henday in July. Your efficiency enabled decision making for further medical investigation, and your compassion made the difference between managing this traumatic event and not. You are so valuable…know that.
Posted by CarolAnn Jackson
As recent arrivals to Alberta, everthing is new and sometimes unexpected. As was our need for an ambulance in Bragg Creek on May 25. We were overwhelmed with the compassionate, kind and professional care we received from Curtis and Sarah ( and the supportive dispatcher). We feel very lucky to have had them by our side! Sincere gratitude to all.
Posted by Anonymous
Hello All EMS All of you are our TRUE HEROES! Thank you ALL - doesn’t even come close to showing our sincere gratitude! Let’s all raise our glass and toast our very knowledgeable, loving, dedicated EMC! CHEERS TO ALL EMS 🥂
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to the paramedics who came to our house on Monday night and helped a family member. Your compassion, empathy and understanding of the situation and transportation to get her the care she needed was very much appreciated. I have a lot of gratitude.
Posted by Anonymous
I had an anaphylactic reaction after foot surgery in December. There were two EMS and firefighters. The doctors told me that you, without a doubt, saved my life. I am so beyond grateful, words can’t even express the immense love I have for all you strangers who choose to help us who need you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Roman Vomacka
Thank you so much to the paramedics who found me and helped me home after a fun night of Stampede. All though I cannot remember much of the interaction, I can say everyone was super kind and professional, even when working with someone so drunk. They also walked my dog and fed him, and for that I thank you so much. Real heros
Posted by Anonymous
Our paramedics Jeff and Daniel attended to my friends broken ankle on July 5th. They were wonderful! Can’t say enough about them. Thanks guys!!
Posted by Anonymous
My husband suffered a stroke in our home in June. Paramedics arrived in 9 minutes to transport him to Foothills Hospital. I am forever grateful for the care and professionalism provided to our family. Thank you for all you do.
Posted by Emily Lalji
I am SO thankful to the four incredible paramedics that helped me safely deliver my daughter on the morning of July 4th. I gave birth at home unexpectedly and they helped support me throughout the process and were extremely calm and compassionate throughout the entire experience. They relieved any worries and genuinely cared about all of my wishes!
Posted by Avice Heckley
On March 13th I was airlifted to Edmonton from Hinton for emergency surgery at the Sturgeon Hospital (Health Care Center) I was in extreme pain and was treated with true TLC. I am 90 years young and the paramedics treated me like a princess! Please convey to these hero’s my deep appreciation. I am fit and enjoying life!
Posted by Robert Wolverton
I would like to Thank the 5 Paramedic's and Supervisor for the help getting me to the hospital here in Medicine Hat And also my 2 flight Paramedic's Justin and Maria along with the 2 Pilot's who had flown me to Calgary and the Ambulance Ground Crew in Calgary, Godspeed to Ya'll Thank You Thank You Thank You each and everyone of You (((HUGS)))
Posted by Christin Hilbert
I want to say a HUGE thank you to the Calgary CCT team. What angels!! They deal with the toughest crowd with such dedication, gentleness and respect. They are a beacon in the community and an example to follow. (and they were amazing throughout Covid, too!)
Posted by Donna Horvath
On Tuesday, June 27 about 9am, I was in need of medical help. Leslie and her partner arrived quickly. I was treated with the utmost care, kindness and dignity throughout the time they arrived and my admittance to hospital. They both listened and reassured me. Thank you so much. -Donna
Posted by Barbara Taylor
Bless you, EMS. My husband was cycling near Millarville on June 26th when he was struck by a vehicle. You took him to Foothills Hospital. He suffered a severed nerve in his left arm and numerous small fractures and some nasty abrasions. Thank you for all the help you gave him. He is home recovering now. You are real heroes!!!!!
Posted by Joshua Himmens
Thank you! When I broke my ankle and was in severe pain the paramedics were incredibly helpful at both working with me to address my ankle and also to keep my spirits up and have a few laughs. I can say for certain that their positive attitude made me feel comforted and safe in my hour of need. I cannot thank you enough (...7 screws later)!
Posted by Alysha Goertzen
Thank you for everything you guys do in the event of an emergency. You did everything you could to keep my Father inlaw Alive today. As horrific as it was to watch, I have so much respect for the amount of effort it must take to do this everyday, all day long. You guys are everyday hero's and I don't think you receive enough credit. Thank you X100
Posted by Fiona Lydiatt
Thank you SO much to the paramedics that provided care to me on June 30 I apologize but I can’t remember their names. Their kindness, compassion and sense of humour made a difficult day a bit easier for me. Too often front line only hear negative comments so I wanted to be sure to thank “my” two paramedics for such great care!
Posted by Chris Fernandes
I want to say a big thank you to the Paramedics Matthew and Peter. They came to my home as I was having severe neuropathy pain in my leg. They went above and beyond to make sure I got the help I needed. They took the time to listen, were compassionate and found a solution to help me and not have to go into emergency. Thank you!!!
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to thank Mat and Jesse for attending to my client in June at her home at Rosedale. It was a pleasure to see them treat my client with dignity, care, understanding and love. It didn't matter to them of her age, they treated her respect I wish others would. Thank you again.
Posted by Marla Kirby
Anna, I want to thank you! You are a Gem! You were so Wonderful with me, very Kind, very Considerate and Very Very Helpful!
Posted by Anonymous
I called out of concern for my elderly mother who suffers from dementia. You both were kind, gentle, calming, personable and professional while dealing with a difficult situation. It does not seem enough but thank you Devon and Devon's partner!
Posted by Anonymous
Paramedics Mark and Kevin attended my mother at her I dependant living facility. They were so kind and caring and professional. They decided out of an abundance of caution to transport her to hospital where she passed away later that night. I will always be grateful for these two caregivers who looked after my mother (and me) so beautifully.