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NOV1221 I had just flown into YEG from YVR. I was in serious discomfort by the time I gave in to calling 911. EMS was quick to the scene and very patient and sympathetic!!! In addition when the assessment was made that I needed surgery at a different hospital I was transferred with great care. Not enough space to convey my gratitude!!! Thank u!
Posted by denyse doran
Thank you Sparky for your exceptional service and compassion when you came to help Tom. It was a big job and you had to take a hospital bed apart to move the bed into the living room by our Christmas Tree. Moving Tom from his king size bed to the hospital bed was a giant task. Again you were exceptional. Thank you
Posted by Anonymous
I wanted to thank the paramedics who attended my house in the a.m. of Monday, November 15. I had to call the paramedics at midnight on the 14 and they took me to the Calgary Peter Lougheed hospital. I was having excruciating back spasm pain that I have never felt since I had my daughter in 1993 and they were very patient and kind with me
Posted by Peter Clandfield
One year ago, on 16 Nov. 2020, I suffered cardiac arrest in Downtown Edmonton, but paramedics saved my life. I didn't really get to meet them, as I was unconscious, but this seems like a fitting time to say that thanks to them, I am doing well. I will always be grateful!
Posted by Connie Cockshutt
Thank you to each and every one of you for continuing to do your jobs throughout this very long pandemic. I can only imagine the added stress this has put on you both mentally and physically. We appreciate your skill, dedication and compassion. Sincerely, Connie
Posted by Angela Turner
To the 2 teams of paramedics that attended and eventually transported my 83 year old father from a remote acreage northwest of Cochrane (that's not easy to find in the dark), thank you. Your professionalism and compassion will never been forgotten, and we are eternally grateful to you. May God bless you and keep you safe in your duty of service.
Posted by Devon Ashe
On the morning of November 2, 2021 we received care for a resident at a permanent supportive care facility from EMS unit number 203. The team of EMS was two women who treated the resident that was under a form 1 with such dignity and compassion that it was remarkable. We wanted to send a note to thank them for their professionalism and skill.
Posted by Robin Weary
On the morning of Nov 3 my husband’s heart stopped. The team that arrived 5 minutes after my call arrived and worked liked champions to pump life back into the love of my life. I can not express my gratitude to this team and the fire fighters that gave my love a second chance. You are true hero’s and I thank you. Kind Regards, Robin W.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in these trying times!!!
Posted by Greg Wilkie
I want to thank the two paramedics the responded to my place. If not for your quick response and excellent care I would not be here today: my vitals were low and my oxygen levels. You two ladies are my Guardian Angels. thank you
Posted by Shelley Jensen
A special THANK YOU to the two extremely kind paramedics who transferred my mom from her home to Hospice on October 2121 Such warmth and empathy shown towards her and myself. Truly committed to patient and family centred care. I will never forget your compassion towards us. You are doing God’s work. Thank you again
Posted by John Hosie
To the lady and gent who transported our medevac patient from the airport to foothills hospital on Oct.15.2021, many thanks for your assistance and kindness in getting our patient back home to Calgary. The day was seamless from start to finish, I'm glad you were there ! Cheers, John Lifesupport Airmedical, Nanaimo BC.
Posted by Laura Mitchler
I want to thank Crystal and Meagn for the awesome care I received the night of August 16, 2021. You both were amazing, compassionate and so understanding. You both went above and beyond when I was falling apart because noone would see me. You made sure that whatever error happened with my transfer was rectified. Thank you!
Posted by Chantal Rowan
Wayne, Jenn and Adam came to the rescue on Tuesday when my son broke his leg. They were so kind and gentle with Emmett and made it less scary for him. They were also super friendly and kind to me during the drive and wait for his bed to be cleaned. We greatly appreciated the care they gave us ! Thank you all so much !!
Posted by Anonymous
I just wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to the amazing paramedics who helped my elderly neighbour today. Ryan was gentle, kind, and thoughtful, while maintaining a light air about the situation. She would not have gone to the hospital with just anyone. I am so thankful to have paramedics like you in Calgary!
Posted by Lynn Hale
I wish to express my appreciation to all of you first responders who deal with so much everyday that you work! The Covid situation has made your job so much harder and I cannot imagine the stress! Personally, you’ve been in my home for my husband (heart issues)
Posted by Barbara Robison
My daughter Sarah called EMS who arrived quickly. The two women, Heather and Melissa (names ??), were outstanding. They asked me pertinent questions then half carried me to the elevator and down to the stretcher in the lobby. Both were empathetic, pleasant and professional. Many, many thanks for incredible care such as the IV and ECG.
Posted by Jamie Nielsen
I want to thank the two gentlemen that helped my mom out today, September 27th around 8am in Beaumont. (The house with the viking carvings) You were both so calm, kind and funny. You made my mom feel at ease and myself and my husband. We are thankful you were able to be here so quickly. You are a great asset to the community.
Posted by Anonymous
Words can't express my gratitude for your compassion and endless dedication. I cannot imagine where we would be without you . You are all incredible warriors in this challenging time . I bow to you with deepest esteem and honour
Posted by Anonymous
Terrific team came to my home shortly after noon. Quick, thorough and promptly encouraged me to go to the hospital because of chest pain. So efficient and professional. Thank you.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for always be there when we really needed , they had to rush me to Medicine Hat for immediate surgery or I wouldn’t have made it to morning THANK YOU all for everything you did for me I only remember the date can’t remember even going into the ER
Posted by Lynn Westgate
Just to let you know, you are appreciated especially through this time and I'm sorry.
Posted by Joanne Huynh
Just wanted to send HUGE thank yous to the first respondersEMS. Everyone involved was absolutely amazing, esp in the height of this pandemic. They are working short staff and under so much strain, but they remain so calm, so caring, so efficient. Chris, who rode in the ambulance with me, went above and beyond, thank you!!!!
Posted by Cindy N
To all the paramedics and community paramedics who attended to my dad over the last few years Your expertise, kindness, compassion and caring were very much appreciated. Thank you for your dedication.
Posted by Kathryn Goodison
Thank you to the paramedics that responded as fast as you could to my daughter on the 8th, and her seizure, I am forever grateful to you guys. I don't remember your names I am sure that they weren't even given out, traffic was ignorant and wouldn't move, it was late, and I was scared. You guys are amazing, thank you for saving my winter ❤
Posted by Candice McLellan
I want to say a HUGE thank you to Heather R and her partner Tony. My son had been unwell and in and out of children’s emerg 3 times this past week. We finally needed to call an ambulance and I can’t thank them enough for advocating for us and getting our son the help he so badly needed.
Posted by Anonymous
I was an idiot and you guys saved me. While I was screaming and vomiting, you were doing everything so I can recover. Thank you very much for everything, I promise I won’t do the same stupid thing again.
Posted by Julie H
2 paramedics picked up my daughter from her doctors office after her cardiac arrhythmia was discovered. They arrived incredibly fast, got an IV quick (that lasted 9 days !!). They joked with my daughter and kept us calm. They really cared for her. After a stint in ICU and treatment, she’s home with a normal rhythm ❤️. Thank you!!!
Posted by Mikael Volke
First, I’d like to acknowledge how lucky I feel to live in a place where we can get help when we desperately need it. The well trained emergency operator who kept me calm and dispatched the ambulance very efficiently to all of the fantastic paramedics who were calm, well trained and very professional . You guys all rock!!! I can’t thank you enough!
Posted by Rana S
Throughout the years, paramedics have helped me and my family quite a bit and each time they exhibit compassion, respect and understanding. Today was no different when I had to call 911 to get my dad some help. Sarah and Spencer went above and beyond as I am sure they do with other patients. Thank you to you both and all paramedics!