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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Pamela Wagner
My deepest thanks to Annie, Michelle, the young male practicum student, and Andrew for your kindness and professionalism when I fell down stairs and injured my ankle. My Vasovagal syncope had me scared but you did so well to keep me comfortable and provide reassurance. Just over a month later, my badly sprained ankle is on the mend. THANK YOU!
Posted by marshall jinks
i would love to thank the ems people that assisted me about 3 weeks ago on a thurs . I,m the guy who was stuck in the tub were kind ,careing considerate an helpful. im up an running again pain gone.darlene was the driver an rebecca I believe also thankyou again grrrreatttt job awesome careing persons.
Posted by Christine Nudd
I was taken by ambulance to the GNH on Friday, October 16 about 330 PM. The paramedics were Ben, Ryan and Connor. They were very kind and attentive. They calmed me down and explained things to me well.
Posted by Christine Nudd
I was taken by ambulance to the UAH on Wednesday, September 30 about 1140 AM. The paramedics were Brad, Andrea, Salina and Chris. They were all very kind and attentive and calmed me down.
Posted by Sharon Tegart
Please extended my sincere thankyou to the Ambulance attendants, from Strathmore, who came to my rescue On October 26th. It was my first ambulance "ride" and they couldn't have been more kind, reassuring, compassionate and professional. They made the whole experience "nonscary" and was very much appreciated. thanks so much again.
Posted by Anonymous
thanks to the two emts who came to my house in mckenzie lake when i was in diabetic shock
Posted by Sandra Robertshaw
I had my first EMS ride. I was scared, never having been in an ambulance before. I can not send enough thanks to EMT Chris whose calm demeanour and care helped settle my fears. Thank you so much, Chris and I still remember your favourite colour is purple ) Rhea assumed my care when Chris went off shift and was also very kind. Thank you so much.
Posted by Lexi T
Thank you to John and Jasmine from Beaverlodge station for your caring and professional manner transporting my baby to Grande Prairie in a blizzard. AHS is lucky to have outstanding employees like yourselves.
Posted by Anonymous
Many thanks to the two female paramedics that diagnosed my husband's condition and transferred him to the Rocky View Hospital. I really appreciated how soon they responded and how nice, calm, and professional they were. And thanks to the person who calmly answered the call when I dialed 911 in a very agitated state.
Posted by Sheils Pogmore
I would to personally thank Ryan and Dale(I hope that I'd correct. You were very professional and helped me calm down and work through my pain. But most importantly Ryan you made me feel like a human, instead a typical textbook case. You asked me how I was managingcoping with everything. As well you asked about my daughter. Thanks again.
Posted by Sheila POgmore
I would like to thank John(the cat wrangler) and Julie(theWalker perfectionist) fifty taking me home after being st the RGH for 18.5 hours. It really seemed like a 5 minute trip. By the way, yes...the pigeons are in fatter now.
Posted by Anonymous
I was in one hospital for 3 days, then transferred by ambulance to another. I was extremely depressed and suffering major anxiety. A paramedic who rode with me in the back was so deeply caring and listened to me. I felt so unworthy of receiving all this care but she said I deserved to get help. Her few kind words likely saved my life. Thank you.
Posted by Sheila Pogmore
I would like to take this opportunity to Thank two professional and very pleasant paramedics. With the help of medication and their assistance my trip to ER was more pleasant. Out of Station 2, Shawn from the Recreation Department as well Mitch(ell) from Sanitation Department. It is so nice to people in professionals that are able multitask.
Posted by Karly Hall
On the morning of Sept 7th, 2020 I suffered an out of hospital cardiac arrest in my home. I am very lucky to be alive. The quick actions of my partner calling 911 and performing CPR were helpful but ultimately the trained EMS (Okotoks) arriving within 7 minutes to use a defibrillator on me is what saved my life. Forever grateful to all involved.
Posted by Anonymous
A quick note to Eric de nooij And Rob jabs About Lisa and Kevin Medic 323 . They came in this morning to take my Mom to Rockyview. During the trip they chatted with Mom explaining what was going on and keeping her calm. Mom has glowing comments about their care and wanted to let them know, THANKYOU.
Posted by Fote Liaridis
To the wonderful paramedics who transported my dad.. He went into cardiac arrest in their care... I know how much work you have to do and provide all the emergency recusitation effort care so quickly.. Thank you so much for trying your best and transporting him!! I was able to say goodbye the next day before he passed. THANK YOU ANGELS .
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Jessics and Chris for their assistance early this am. You helped calm me down. I did send a message, but not sure I'd u got it. I haven't had an anxiety attack for about 24 years, but realized about an hour after you left, that I was experiencing one.
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to personally Thank Scott and Jason out of the Memorial Drive station. They were very professional and took excellent care of me. I spent 18.5 hours at the Rockuview afterward. I hope I can also ad that I am very pleased to be part of the Complex Care Hub rogram. I am so grateful to be a part of this awesome program.
Posted by Paul Gifford
To the crew that responded to my situation thank you, sincerely. You managed to calm me down enough to survive the night without much further issue, and the calm and compassionate care was appreciated beyond sincerely, and staying with me until I was checked in helped to keep me sane. I hope I made that clear in the moment.
Posted by Sheila Pogmore
I hope this is the right place to say thank you to the very kind dispatcher I had assist me when I called for the ambulance. His soft voice help calm my nerves and give me peace of mind.
I would like to Thank Jay and his partner(I apologize for not remembering his name)for taking excellent care of me on their last trip of their shift. I remember reading the time of 622.22 when you rolled me in the bus I hope you four days off were great. By the way Jay' the difficult IV site you spotted was quite a hit in ER.
Posted by Anonymous
Just was thinking about the two paramedics that came to me today after I got a nasty in cut my hand. What beautiful souls they are. Thank you so much for rushing to take care of me, you provided excellent professional service and gave me comfort. Thank you.
Posted by Richard Coglon
I received a serious hand injury at our home in Deer Run. I was in severe pain and shock but these kind folks were the first in a chain of care that led to surgery, and now rehab. It happened so fast I didn't get a chance to get names say thanks. Can you please thank the Fire Dept. and EMS for me I owe them a debt of gratitude!
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to take a moment and say Thank you once again to "Julie and Ryan" for the excellent they provided me on the night of Sept. 23. As well I want to wish Ryan the best of luck with his "Iron Man" event.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you EMS Calgary and Calling Center for the help we get from you all. you are our first defense against this panoramic Covid 19. million thanks and wish we all safe place to work and grow.
Posted by Anonymous
On Sept.13, 2020, my husband called 911. I could not walk or stand on my feet. Two wonderful caring paramedics took me to Lachine Hosp. where I was treated and given medication for what the doctor called "degenerating of cartilage and osteoarthritis" Please extend my sincere gratitude to these exemplary individuals. I felt in very hands with them.
Posted by Kerry Palyga
On Sept 9, 20 my elderly mother fell in front of her home and Hannah and Vanessa from Calgary Metro responded. They provided prompt, highly competent and professional care. Just as important they helped a frightened senior women with a fractured hip and they did so with genuine care and compassion. Thanks from her entire family. Deeply grateful.
Posted by Christine Nudd
Rick arrived first in one vehicle followed by Adam and Breanne in the ambulance. They all did an excellent job of calming me down and explaining things.
Posted by Christine Nudd
Kelti and Dave were both extremely kind and attentive. They did an excellent job of calming me down and explaining things. I had neglected to mention an RX for eye drops. I was impressed that Dave noticed the bottle on my bed and asked me about it. Very observant!
Posted by Roy Lloyd
I would like to thank the two crews who came to my aid last night. Both were very professional and caring. They really helped with my anxiety and panic attack and put me at ease. Thank you for being awesome.