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Posted by Sarah Shaw
Thank you to the two male paramedics who checked my 2year old daughter’s vitals after she had a bucket handle stuck around her neck. I was so scared, and you both helped to put me at ease and took such amazing care of my little girl. I know you see much worse situations, but it meant the world to me. You are heroes.
Posted by Sawyer McRitchie
You guys were at our house super fast, and so professional. It actually turned out our two year old son Sawyer just had croup, but it was pretty scary for us, even if it was probably on the minor side of what you notmally deal with. Thanks for being there for our son and us parents in the middle of a snowy, cold April night. Jessica (aka Mom)
Posted by Leah Poon
On Monday April 2, a crew of 3 EMS took my critically ill son to the Foothills. Because of a 2 hour wait time, they became instrumental in keeping him calm as well as normalizing his situation to him. We were both impressed and thankful for their professionalism and kindness. And they returned later in the day to check up on him. So grateful!
Posted by Liz Rivard
The two paramedics who helped my adult daughter, who has autism, descend the stairs (the building had no elevator and she had recently fallen) were amazing. If not for them I’m sure we would still be in the building. They were patient, kind and respectful
Posted by Sarah Green
My Mum was picked up from the care facility and taken to the Sturgeon Hospital. While we waited, the two paramedics kept us company and you could tell they both genuinely cared about their jobs, their colleagues and most importantly their patients. They treated my Mum with dignity, kindness and humour. Thank you so much.
Posted by Anonymous
The nice lady named Kristy gave me a stuffed medic moose. It made me so happy. She's the best! Chubbs
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you Adam and his side kick (forgotten his name) they assisted my mother today. They were warm, friendly, nonjudmental and Funny too. My mother is an alcoholic..we have expereinced judgement in the passed from medics. The guys today showed her great compassion. Thank you so much..x
Posted by Anonymous
Heartfelt gratitude to the paramedics who attended to my husband Mike, in the early hours of Thurs April 5. Suspecting a cardio event, I made the call for help. Response was swift and reassuring. Your care and concern got him to hospital and treated within a few hours of the onset of his symptoms. We are blessed to have these wonderful individuals.
Posted by Shelley Cornfield
A very big thank you to A22 Genevieve, Julian and Tarek for taking such awesome care of my dad on Sunday, April 1st. Your professionalism, compassion and understanding was amazing. You're the best!
Posted by Anonymous
I was just sitting here thinking about all you great people out there who help others in need on a daily basis. Thank you all so much!
Posted by Patricia Sawa
On February 3, 2018 I went into Cardiac Arrest in my home. Thanks to the Fire Department, the paramedics and the 911 operator as well as my husband I survived an incident that the doctors gave me a less than 5 chance of surviving. I am forever grateful for the care I received to get me to the hospital in time to save my life.
Posted by Sarah Lee
I would like to thank the paramedics that came to my school after I tried to take my life. They helped me clam down when I got the iv.
Posted by Danielle Decker
I want to say thank you to all of the EMS here in Alberta. I am a nurse who sees patients brought in via ambulance on a regular basis. Frequently, you are the first point of contact to our health system in emergencies. This has a huge impact on the patients and their families experiences and I always hear positive stories on kindness and confidence
Posted by Tayla Grochowich
On the night of March 14 I woke up in excruciating pain, I was 2 weeks post partum and we called 911! My paramedics name was Sam (I believe)! Not only did Sam get my pain under control so quickly but he could tell how upset I was having to leave my newborn son and he was so encouraging and calming! I am so grateful for him and the team that night
Posted by Nour Latif
Hi I was injured yesterday at 550pm opposite ilawarra leagues club Wollongong and my paramedics responded well especially paramedic James blonde hair blue eyes making me laugh singing and not leaving my side he made my day and I can’t thank him enough even though my ankle wasn’t bad but he was a hero. And I apologise for my weird behaviour thanks
Posted by Nicola Strydom
As a registered midwife needing to transfer our clients from community to hospital can at times be a very stressful occasion. The support and collegial relationship from these paramedics was outstanding and greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Posted by Erin Despas
Thank you Adam for being so incredibly patient, thoughtful and kind when I had to go to the Misericordia. You were right, I did have cellulitis. I won't soon forgot how nice you are.
Posted by John
Thank you to Buddy
Posted by Anonymous
Just want to thank 2 guys and a student paramedic who came to help me on Monday March 5th 10.30pm. I was panicking due to my burn injury in my face and I didn't have any help. They helped me thru out till I get to emerge. Thank you so much guys! Big Salute to all paramedics.
Posted by Desiree Liley
Thanks to Richard and the team of helpful men who showed up to help my son this morning. So thankful for you all.
Posted by Marilyn Goosen
On Feb 18, 2018 I went to South Health Campus. I did not know at the time that I was having a heart attack. I want to thank the 3 EMS personnel who took me to Foothill Hospital. I believe the care I received saved my life. Thank you! Thank You! You were so kind.
Posted by Krystle Nall
Thank you Martin and Dusty for responding so quickly to my husband's emergency. I was so scared, and I don't know what I'd do without him. He has a disease where his body is depleted of potassium, and he can easily die without it. Thanks for doing all you could to give him care.
Posted by Jill Mansell
To the 2 amazing lady paramedics that helped our son My son was so frightened by the sudden onset of his croup. When you arrived you calmed him, made him smile and treated him efficiently. Your standard of care was off the charts! He is still talking about you. Please know that we are so grateful for what you do and the excellent way you do it!
Posted by Christie Leach
Just want to send a heartfelt Thankyou to the medics on Airdrie 4! You both were so wonderful in caring for my grandmother, whom can be a bit of a handful! Thanks again for your hard work day in and day out as well as all the little things you do everyday that go unnoticed. We are grateful.
Posted by Nicolette Stewart
Dave! Thank you for being awesome and taking good care of me. You’re one of a kind!
Posted by Anonymous
To Brianne and Kevin, the first responders who came and rescued me from a fentanyl overdose at the Dominoes near Jasper and 115 on Sat, I am highly grateful that you were there for me. I am staying away from drugs from this day forth because you cared to keep me alive.
Posted by Tyler Imeson
On September 18 2017 I was struck by a car on 97 Street and 132 Avenue. I what to thank you all for your help and for being there when I needed you. the work you guys do is amazing. Keep it up. I'm proud to have you all here. Thank you
Posted by Cindy Coventry
I was to send a BIG THANK YOU to Edmonton's EMS Alistair Forrest, Jesse Kleinstiver,
Posted by Cheryl Smith
I would like to cite two occasions where EMS were outstanding. My Parents resident in Sherwood Park, AB. On September 21st, my Mom fell at home and broke her hip. She suffers dementia and my Father is her caregiver. The calm of the EMS team prevailed
Posted by Evelyn Kelly
I am humbled and grateful for the 2 caring EMS technicians, Braedon Platten