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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Anonymous
This thank you is for Travis and Shane who came to rescue me in Calgary on Sunday, May 2nd in the late afternoon. You were absolute stars in giving me the care I needed and taking me to the hospital for treatment! I can not thank you enough.
Posted by Liliana Bencic
Special thanks to paramedics that came to help my mother, Aurora Frattin, evening May 3. They arrived fully prepared, equipped, thorough and knowledgeable. They explained their findings to my mother in words she understood. They were so kind and genuinely caring like she was a member of the family meant a lot to us thank you)))
Posted by Leigh Green
Thank you so much to all the emergency response teams who saved my life and made it possible for me to get clean and carry on with a treatment program.And for all the genuine care and concern for my well being . You guys are RockStars!!!
Posted by cosetta casello
Thank you to the paramedics that assisted my mother ! VERY knowledgeable and professional, caring !! A very big THANK YOU !! They came to her aid April 2721 between 630730am . Mom has dimentia and was imediatlly transported to the Rockyview Hospital Calgary. Very caring and proffesional ! Thank you to the paramedics!!
Posted by Anonymous
Hi! 3 I guess all ambulance rides are unexpected, but I was in a checkup and was sent at the end of it in an ambulance to the ER. I want to thank the team who helped me, and talked to me patiently while riding in the ambulance, especially during COVID19. I am sorry some Albertans are not always taking the pandemic seriously. Thank you!
Posted by Ray Collins
Last week I had a medical issue that made it necessary for us to call on paramedic service. I want to thank the two paramedics that quickly responded to our 911 call and provided professional and caring treatment for my condition. We are extraordinarily lucky in this city and province to have such dedicated and knowledgeable people available
Posted by Anonymous
On behalf of our family and 94 year old Mom, Catherine, we would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the two amazing and kind paramedics who came to our Mom’s house and provided assistance after her fall. She commented that they were “out of this world, compassionate, intelligent and so professional.” Thank you!
Posted by Linda Smith
Thank you so much for all your hard work and sacrifices to help keep us safe, you are appreciated 3
Posted by Anonymous
Nik and Wyatt were absolutely amazing. Very kind, soft, and made me feel safe. They responded quickly to my incident and made me feel like I made the right call. Thank you so much to those two paramedics for being so supportive while I was going through a tough time. They are definitely my heroes.
Posted by Anonymous
Thanks so much to Linda and Doug who assessed and convinced my husband to go to the hospital after he collapsed in our home. He recently had a heart attack and I was worried he'd had another one. Fortunately, he didn't and I'm relieved that we know that for a fact and he's well. I appreciate the calm and thoughtful persuasion of the paramedics.
Posted by Monique Topolinski
March 31st, 3am, medics were dispatched through 911 to our residence. Only because of their professionalism, and expertise, Monique fortunately made it to the foothills hospital, where she got the medical care required, and is now home
Posted by Elizabeth Vollman
It is with the greatest sincerity that we wish to thank all emergency crews and first responders who attended the tragic accident at Finning West Edmonton on Wednesday March 31st. We appreciate the immense efforts and quick response of each of you during such a stressful situation. Management and employees at Finning Canada
Posted by Gary Reed
On the 01 April 2021 I had to go by ambulance to the hospital. Connor and Jessica were the EMS personnel in the ambulance and I found them to be very caring, courteous and professional. We are lucky to have them as first responders in Edmonton.
Posted by JoAnn Andringa
EMS team Sydney and Nikki EMS B113. The level of care, compassion and sensitivity to our 95yo anxious about her eye issues and potential living arrangement requirements was wonderful to see. I personally spoke with both " you were exactly what she needed". High marks to them both on a job VERY well done. JoAnn RN RAH Eye Clinic
Posted by Joanne Bradbury
Just wanted to say thank you to paramedics who came and picked me up in the middle of the night when I slipped on the ice stepping down from the curb and shattered my ankle. They were kind, sympathetic and gentle. I also really appreciated their sense of humour which helped lighten the mood. Great job guys! I'm back to walking again.
Posted by Anonymous
Brandon Burns and Andre Plante On July 3, 2020 you responded to and accident on Stoney Plain Road and 160 st between a BMW and a bike. I was the bike. I want to say thank you so much for everything you guys did. I would love to meet up for coffee and ask some questions I do not remember the accident at all but I remember most for what happened aft
Posted by Jonathan Kha
A shout out to Karen Schmidt and her partner for taking care of my grandmother and my father! As a former practitioner that worked along side her I knew they were in capable hands. She went above and beyond and was very patient with them. Keep up the great work!
Posted by Sally Jones
I would like to thank the Okotoks EMS team that attended me after a fall at Fish Creek Park on March 21, 21, including the Fire Truck and Heavy Rescue team. I am sorry that I do not remember their names but assume that you will be able to determine who they were. My son was very impressed at the coordination that occurred in order to get me out.
Posted by Nitya Lassar
I take this opportunity to thank the EMS who took me to FMC due to COVID on March 17 2020 afternoon. I really appreciate the close call she made, to put me on ventilator in the ambulance before even I was taken to ICU. Without her and the Entire ICU team I am not here. I owe every one of you. Would love to see you all in person, if I am lucky.
Posted by Lois Ginther
Greg? Thanks for caring for my 84 year old Mum (from Providence to Rockyview), your kindnesses made her final day an easier one, esp after her passing was sudden. You made her smile
Posted by Jim Harrison
THANK YOU to the 911 operator
Posted by Anne Chapman
Please convey my heartfelt thanks to the two teams that attended me on Saturday and Sunday, March 20 and 21. So very professional, but kind and patient and empathetic. I was so frightened but their steadfast approach and extraordinary knowledge of my potential problem calmed my fears. Thank you just doesn't seem enough. Bless you all.
Posted by Jocelyne Marple
To the Dispatcher and the four staff that responded at 500A.M. to assist us on March 20, 2021. Thank you EMS, AHS.
Posted by Brad Carroll
On Christmas eve, 2020, at 8 AM, my wife collapsed and went into convulsions. I immediately called 911 and within about 10 minutes, the paramedics arrived. They were very professional and courteous, handling my wife's situation with care and dignity. I really appreciated they're professional demeanor and I knew that my wife was in good hands.
Posted by Patrice Romeo
My father is palliative at home. Last night paramedics came to help with nausea.They were able to give an injection that allowed him to be comfortable until morning when things could be addressed.The PELOC ATR initiative has been invaluable for our family. Thank you for providing this service. Shout out to Kelsi and Jacquie for being awesome!
Posted by Lisa Stretton
I would like to thank the time and care that East Midlands ambulance provided on 080321 2030 to my dad. Not only did they make him safe, but provided me with information with regards to future care. Thankyou a great and friendly crew.
Posted by MaryPat Schlosser
Our ASSIST team works with the EMS ATR program and we have had many shared patients who have benefited from their support. To be cared for in the home, even in the toughest circumstances, can mean so much to a child and family. We are so so thankful for the kind, courageous, knowledgeable care they deliver.
Posted by Anonymous
A huge shout out of gratitude to the two wonderful paramedics who cared for my 93 year old mother by making her very comfortable before her ambulance ride to hospital last night ( northwest Edmonton) You went beyond the call of duty, in making her comfortable and attending to her with compassion and gentleness. Thank you!!!!!
Posted by Anthony Ngo
Thank you to the paramedics who came to me on January 2nd, 2020. You guys came minutes after I made the 911 call, and kept me comfortable while I felt like my foot was about to fall out because of the pain I was in. The paramedic who sat in the back of the ambulance with me made for good conversation to keep me calm while we drove to get care.
Posted by Lucy Zahra
To Sam and other two paramedics that helped me last night (i’m so sorry i don’t remember your names!) thank you for taking such great care of me while I was completely out of it! That was such a scary thing for me not knowing where I was so my apologies for freaking out quiet often! Thanks again for the help, it means so much to me.