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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Anonymous
Its super cold and you guys are still out everyday saving people's lives. I left some doughnuts outside the door at the Lendrum station to say thank you. You were all busy and out on calls. I hope they don't freeze. Thank you.
Posted by Beth Reeves
Thank you so much to the two lovely paramedics who helped me! I Was absolutely terrified while pregnant when I was heavily bleeding. They really made me feel at ease and I’m so greatful to them. I now have a happy 10 month baby! They also came to visit us in hospital. I’m so greaftful for how you looked after us and I think the work u do is amazing
Posted by Ali Hammoud
I would like to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you to those serving in emergency care. I appreciate your hard work and sacrifices. As a volunteer in the E.R , at the NECHC everytime I meet a paramedic I thank himher as I one day hope to achieve my goal to become a paramedic and help those in need. Again thank you!
Posted by Shannon Stilet
Mike, our Community EMS gentleman is amazing. He is always patience, compassionate and professional when helping inner city seniors. He has been a great support on a number of occasions at McCauley Lodge.
Posted by Terry Truchan
As a former AHS EMS employee I was amazed at how skilled and talented my coworkers were. Thank you for putting yourselves on the line every single shift. I appreciate you and the work you do so very much! From the bottom of my heart, thankyou.
Posted by Anonymous
You cared for my friend more than once, and saved her life. For that, and for the excellent work you do every day, I thank you.
Posted by Lee Anne Veres
Sincere thank you. EMS identified the problem and selected the perfect Hospital, Grey Nuns. I was able to have the emergency surgery I needed by one of the best Vascular Surgeons. The results of that Blood Clot in the Knee, and two in the abdomen, I required emergency surgery. I will be ok. PS I did quit smoking )
Posted by Anonymous
I wanted to say thanks so much for taking care of me I've had similar ambulance rides unfortunately but the crew who helped me that night were just really great people I felt like I had some great group of new friends. Thank you guys you are really great and make a good team I am going to strive my hardest to be able to surrounmyselfwithsuchgoodppl
Posted by Anonymous
I really admire all the work first responders do, especially EMS, I am in my first steps of becoming an EMT myself and really look up to the ones already out in the field. You guys see such horrible stuff and it's a pretty thankless job most of the time so, thanks! Take care of yourselves as well!
Posted by Lucy Shawcross
I would like to the the 2 paramedics who come to me and take me to lister hospital 4th January around 1800 you was amazing thank you so much
Posted by Anonymous
My family and I wanted to say huge thank you to the crew that tended to our mother when she was hit by a car. No words can describe how much we appreciate what they were able to do for her!
Posted by Lynsi Hamelin
Thank you so much to Larry and Cody of Sylvan Lake for being such amazing paramedics and taking such great care of my daughter!!! Our family will never forget how promptly you arrived at the scene of the emergency and how amazing you were with my 5 year old! Thank you, a million times, thank you! L
Posted by Trish Schmermund
Jan 419, there was a funeral at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church. A person was in distress and volunteers began compressions. EMS arrived quickly and assessed the patient condition, they used an AED. Thanks to their quick response and effective treatment the man survived. We were all very thankful! Great job!
Posted by Ray and Brenda Walmsley
We would like to thank Jordan for his outstanding service of care and professionalism. Dec 1218 Ray came into the NE Emergency Clinic with chest pain, middle of a heart attack. Jordan's jump into action was incredible and life saving all the way to RAH. Outstanding, we cannot thank Jordan enough for his service! He brought peace amidst chaos.
Posted by Mona Kelly
To Geoffrey and Jim working on January 6th (1620h) in Red Deer Thank you for helping with my client yesterday. You made our situation much easier with your laid back manners and professionalism. Further, the wait in paramedics row was quite amusing. Geoffrey, you should take your show on the road. Haha.
Posted by Anonymous
February 11, 2017. To the paramedics EMTs that arrived at my daughter’s collision thank you for keeping her calm and saving her. She was a new driver and was trapped for four hours after being rearended by a semi. She survived because of your skills and expertise! Now she is working towards becoming a paramedic. joe, regis, fraser, abra. ❤️
Posted by Anonymous
To the paramedics who came to my house and saved my mom on Christmas Eve, thank you, thank you, thank you for coming so quickly, working so hard, and being so lovely to me and my family.
Posted by Roman Vomacka
Thank you for all the help you provided me. With both of your fast work, and making sure I was calm at all times, Truley the best ambulance ride, and team I’ve had. Thank you for everything you both do, and keep up the good work.
Posted by Anonymous
My dog got loose, just as an ambulance drove by, lights flashing. I chased and called him to come back, the dog was more than a block ahead. The Ambulance driver came to my rescue by driving ahead of the dog, stopping and picking him up. Thank you So Much! Completely outside of his responsibilities, but it meant the world to me.
Posted by Calista Pelletier
Thank you, to the EMT that transported me to a different hospital. You were kind, attentive and patient. So thank you for making a hard unwell time for me a little bit better. Merry Christmas
Posted by Annie Kamila
I would like to thank team Doug Regcrave and Elizabeth McMahon for their care. Doug was kind, caring. while Elizabeth tended to my husband, Doug comforted me with kind words and educated me on my husband's condition. At the hospital, Doug got me water, a warm blanket and stayed after his shift has ended to make sure a smooth transfer.
Posted by Annie Kamila
During the months of October and November 2018, we have called 911 many times due to my husband's heart condition. Every time, Paramedic Personnel responded quickly and professionally. Two of those Paramedic were Curtis and his partner, both were always kind, patient, polite and understanding. We thank you for the wonderful job you all do every day
Posted by Sue Pokhrel
With your critical thinking still, a client’s transportation to hospital was averted. Thank you. You also took time to debrief with site staffs re the incident. I am very much appreciate of the professional courtesy you extended to us.
Posted by Cameron Doerr
I have never been in so much pain in my life yet not for a single moment did they ever make me feel ashamed for being emotional. The entire time they constantly asked how I was doing and helped to calm me down. I can’t thank them enough. Their professionalism, competence, and compassion will never be forgotten. Thank you so much.
Posted by Cheryl Curtis
I would like to thank you for going to work no matter the weather and responding to all sorts for calls including traffic accidents. Merry Christmas to you and your families.
Posted by Kevin Shea
I wish to thank the paramedics who went above the calll of duty to ensure I got to the hospital safe and sound. They also made arrangements for my wife to accompany me. The treatment I received made my accident somewhat bearable while they exercised the highest level of professionalism. Thanks to Serah
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you. You folks do an awesome job!
Posted by C. Watts
EMS team really wanted me to go to emergency as, unknown to me, I was manic. I initially refused. They eventually reluctantly called the police to get me there. It would have been a bad scene if the police showed up. They were visibly very relieved when I finally said I would go. I could tell they really cared and that meant a lot to me. THANK YOU!
Posted by Irene Konechny
In 70 years I have never used an ambulance. This year I used them three times. Twice I thought I was having a heart attack, the third I had to go from Urgent Care to Rockeyview for a catscan. All of these times everyone was absolutely wonderful and never made me feel that I was in any way being a nuisance.
Posted by Richard Saunders
Not sure how to say this, but 1 year a go I got so depressed I wanted to end it all and tried (or not really!), the one memory of the worst day of my life was the amazing support I received from the paramedics that responded, its very hard to put into words, but their actions and speech truely helped me turn the corner!!!!