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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Kimberly Olson
To Ty Nguyen, Scott Cartwright, and Al (EMT student) Thank you for your kindness and good humour during my bad day at Alberta Health Services. I did have a concussion, but I was able to recover fully. I wish all of you good health and that you are able to survive this pandemic.
Posted by Anonymous
i would like to say thank you for the ambulance services paramedic who picked up my sister in and emergency situation to bring her to the hospital. Paramedics saves lives. You are great! Keep up the good work? Thank you again.
Posted by Bernadette Gasslein
To Dan and Brendan from Ft. Saskatchewan who came to my aid when I was having trouble breathing.They took me to the Alex, where it was determined I had blood clots in both lungs. You were AWESOME! Thank you, and all the best. Happy new year and stay safe.
Posted by Max Wang
Deep appreciation to the fire truck and ambulance team who rushed to stabilize our mom Y Wang at Signature Heights and sent her to the FH Medical Centre on Sun Jan 3. Their extremely quick response and professional care saved her life. Your dedication especially during the pandemic is wholeheartedly appreciated!!! Max, Connie, Ming and the family
Posted by Dolleen Armitage
My 85 yr old fatherinlaw was out for his morning walk on November 24th when he was struck by a car as he crossed Canyon Meadows Drive in a crosswalk. I wanted to let you know that Linder is recovering at home after sustaining a broken pelvis and tailbone. You are ultimately the reason he is still with us and we can’t thank you enough for that 🙏🏼
Posted by Anonymous
I was so relieved to be getting help in a situation that was beyond my ability to manage as a healthcare provider myself. It is so hard to be on the other side of healthcare asking and receiving help when you need it instead of providing the care. I am happy to say I am back to my regular role in part because of your help Thank you!
Posted by Monica Pederson
On October 3, 2020 I became quite ill and my friend called an ambulance for me. The paramedics were there fast, got me out of my 3rd floor apartment and took me to the U of A hospital. They were kind, calming and efficient. I was in a serious situation and they helped to keep me calm. They were so professional and kind... I'm so grateful.
Posted by Marianne Kasper
Thank you to the 2 female paramedics that attended to my Mom that was having a stroke in west part of Edmonton on the night of December 30, 2020. They were amazing with our 89 year old Mom took her to the Misrecordia and stayed with her until she saw the doctor . Their quick actions ensured less stroke effects Thank you the Kasper Family
Posted by Eileen Docekal
Many thanks to the two female paramedics that transported me to the hospital in the early morning ( 6 am) of Dec.18 to the Rockyview. I had injured my spine and they carefully helped me to get into the ambulance and gave me morphine to quell the pain.I appreciate their kindness and swiftness of response..
Posted by Anonymous
To Andrew and Stephan, When my grandma was dying you offered comfort and reassurance during a sad and scary time when we felt lost. She passed away peacefully moments after you left. Thank you for your care, compassion, good judgment and for listening. We will always remember your kindness. Your excellent service is much appreciated
Posted by Russell Jones
Myself, my wife and family would like to send our sincerest thanks for you being there for me when I suffered a heart attack December 24, 2020 0830 Event Number E20235541. If it hadn't been for the fast response time and excellent care I received while being transported to the Royal Alex hospital in Edmonton I might not be here to give thanks.
Posted by Keith James
Dec 08. My wife and I were exhausted from a major house move. She couldnt move out of bed, distressed, weak, sick. I called 911. The EMS crew were fantastic calm, professional, caring and respectful. The advice and choices they gave proved to be 100 correct. Thank you.
Posted by Anonymous
Thanks for all you do especially being on the front lines of COVID during these hard times! I know it can’t be easy! Stay safe and know how thankful we are for you!
Posted by Karen Lynne Onufrechuk
Sincere that you to Liz and Stacey for transport to SHC yesterday, shoveling snow, kind help and much more. Also, to 2 more female paramedics for getting me home today about 0200 shoveling snow, driving in dreadful side road conditions, getting me into the house with kindness and help through it all. They all went above and beyond.
Posted by Krista Bird
I want to thank the paramedics from Parkland County that responded to my parents' house on December 17th. I appreciate how you treated my dad even though there was nothing that you could do, as he suffered a catastrophic aneurysm. However, most of all, I appreciate how you treated my mom. Your kindness means a lot to me.
Posted by Deborah Huskinson
Every inch of me thanks you all! Thank you for working so hard to keep us all safe, and for choosing a profession that doesn't see a lot of appreciation. You deserve so much more than what you've been dealt, and I have nothing to give, except my sincerest thanks!
Posted by Dr. Cara Bablitz
Thank you to Amanda and the Community Paramedic team for responding quickly to a patient in the community. The patient has a palliative diagnosis and did not want to go into the hospital. With their support we were able to keep her home. They went above and beyond helping her to set up her Christmas tree between doses of medications! Awesome work!!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to Paramedics Eric and Daryl out of Calgary! Thanks for being so kind and understanding and taking the time to understand my health issues. Your professionalism and calm demeanor helped an already stressful situation. You guys are awesome 👏
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for being there Calgarians. You were under great stress and yet still you are still professional as usual. Thank you for.your service. You and your family and all of you paramedics are deeply apprexiated.
Posted by merrin monteith
Thank you so much for all of the hard work you have done especially during these times and the time and sacrifices you have had to make to keep us safe. Have a safe and happy holiday!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for putting your life in danger so that my life can be safe
Posted by Kennedy Lewis
Thank you for all of your hard work during these difficult times, and for your resiliency!
Posted by Donna Duck
I would like to thank Stony 2A13 EMS paramedics Crystal P., Dave O. and Zane S. On November 9th I slipped and fell on the ice breaking my right ankle. Their knowledge, compassion, care, professional and comedic side made my ride from home to the Royal Alex actually enjoyable. They are truly special people deserving of recognition. Thank you ❤️
Posted by Anonymous
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the crew that took our mom to the hospital from her LTC facility last Friday. She is still alive today because of you!
Posted by Anonymous
I was attended by 3 professional EMT personnel at 4 am on Monday Nov 9 while in extreme crisis. I live alone and was scared for my health. I was immediately calmed by their presence and felt I was in good hands. They transported to hospital and they never left my side. Although they could have helped me out of the ambulance, big step down.
Posted by Alex Hughes
Today we had an ambulance visit our home after 111 recommended that they have them check my medical condition after being tested positive for Covid. Andy and Dennis from Wath were so amazingly caring and professional and such wonderful people. We can’t thank them enough for their treatment and ability to cheers my wife and I up
Posted by Debra Ahern
Christina and Heather, Thank You..for your help, professionalism and humour. You made a scary situation for me much easier. Take Care Ladies and thanks again
Posted by Allison Fay
I want to thank the paramedics who came to take me to Jupiter medical at 2am on november 16 early monday morning. I have never been so scared in my life and they instantly calmed me. One of the paramedics talked with me the whole ride there. I hope he sees this and knows how much that meant to me. Amazing emotional comfort on his part.
Posted by Elizabeth Dozois
I slipped on ice at a dog park on Sunday. An offduty EMT named Michelle approached me and asked if I needed any assistance. She cleaned the wound, dressed it, and told me what to watch for. She was incredibly kind and competent, and I am grateful for her support yesterday. Thank you!
Posted by Kelly Eskerod
A year ago today our family escaped a house fire, and while that situation was so difficult we are grateful to all of the people that helped us. EMS workers were a big part of that as our son has asthma. Your skill, compassion and service made a big difference in our lives. Though words are never enough, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.