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It all happened so fast. You called. They came. They helped. And they were gone. And you didn’t get a chance to say thanks. Now’s the time to pay tribute to over 4,000 life-saving paramedics across Alberta. Show your appreciation by sending a thank you note right here, right now.

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Now's the time to say Thanks

Write a note below to share your story about EMS, or just say thanks. If you provide details about an incident, we will share your thanks directly with the paramedics that cared for you.

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If you want your note to be sent to the paramedics who helped you, please provide as much detail about your incident such as time, date, location and health care issue, so we know who to thank. These details will not be disclosed publicly.

Thanks for your thanks

Alberta’s paramedics face trauma and tragedy every day with kindness, compassion and the utmost professionalism — and seldom with any thanks. Alberta Health Services is proud of its EMS staff. That’s why this site was created. By taking the time to say thanks, and share your story, you are showing that you are proud of them too.

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Thank you.