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Posted by Anonymous
Just want to thank 2 guys and a student paramedic who came to help me on Monday March 5th 10.30pm. I was panicking due to my burn injury in my face and I didn't have any help. They helped me thru out till I get to emerge. Thank you so much guys! Big Salute to all paramedics.
Posted by Desiree Liley
Thanks to Richard and the team of helpful men who showed up to help my son this morning. So thankful for you all.
Posted by Marilyn Goosen
On Feb 18, 2018 I went to South Health Campus. I did not know at the time that I was having a heart attack. I want to thank the 3 EMS personnel who took me to Foothill Hospital. I believe the care I received saved my life. Thank you! Thank You! You were so kind.
Posted by Krystle Nall
Thank you Martin and Dusty for responding so quickly to my husband's emergency. I was so scared, and I don't know what I'd do without him. He has a disease where his body is depleted of potassium, and he can easily die without it. Thanks for doing all you could to give him care.
Posted by Jill Mansell
To the 2 amazing lady paramedics that helped our son My son was so frightened by the sudden onset of his croup. When you arrived you calmed him, made him smile and treated him efficiently. Your standard of care was off the charts! He is still talking about you. Please know that we are so grateful for what you do and the excellent way you do it!
Posted by Christie Leach
Just want to send a heartfelt Thankyou to the medics on Airdrie 4! You both were so wonderful in caring for my grandmother, whom can be a bit of a handful! Thanks again for your hard work day in and day out as well as all the little things you do everyday that go unnoticed. We are grateful.
Posted by Nicolette Stewart
Dave! Thank you for being awesome and taking good care of me. You’re one of a kind!
Posted by Anonymous
To Brianne and Kevin, the first responders who came and rescued me from a fentanyl overdose at the Dominoes near Jasper and 115 on Sat, I am highly grateful that you were there for me. I am staying away from drugs from this day forth because you cared to keep me alive.
Posted by Tyler Imeson
On September 18 2017 I was struck by a car on 97 Street and 132 Avenue. I what to thank you all for your help and for being there when I needed you. the work you guys do is amazing. Keep it up. I'm proud to have you all here. Thank you
Posted by Cindy Coventry
I was to send a BIG THANK YOU to Edmonton's EMS Alistair Forrest, Jesse Kleinstiver,
Posted by Cheryl Smith
I would like to cite two occasions where EMS were outstanding. My Parents resident in Sherwood Park, AB. On September 21st, my Mom fell at home and broke her hip. She suffers dementia and my Father is her caregiver. The calm of the EMS team prevailed
Posted by Evelyn Kelly
I am humbled and grateful for the 2 caring EMS technicians, Braedon Platten
Posted by Neill Hanley
I cannot praise how Kevin and working partner helped me so calmly and with total professionalism which I really appreciate and fully understand their total commitment to helping people who are injured, unwell or just completely distressed as I was in my first panic situation which I thought I had been called to leave this place. Amazing many thxx
Posted by Anonymous
On behalf of the Broder family we would like to thank the paramedics that attended to Neil on December 10th, 2017. There actions allowed Neil's children, mother, brother and sisters the chance to say "I love you" one last time before his passing.
Posted by Tayebeh S
Thank you so much for attending me after the fall incident, for making me feel safe again and helping me overcome the panic attack. It was definitely a shocking experience, but you made it feel a lot less terrible! Thank you Steve...ops! I mean Tyler )
Posted by Shantel Hunter
I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Ryan and Christine (Okotoks crew) on Tuesday, December 19th around 1400hrs. They were both so professional and caring. I also work with both of these individuals and had seen them many times in the days before this as they were bringing patients into our ER. Thank you for all you do!!
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to express my thanks to the paramedics who attending my mother Marion Dec 14th. Sorry I did not get your name. She had, had a heart attack which was scary for her and myself. You were calm, professional, upbeat and made every effort to safe guard her dignity. You connected with her and kept her focused off the fear. THANK YOU.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to the team of paramedics staff who arrived to our home within minutes of our call, and provided immediate care to me during an arythmia incident, before taking me to the University Hospital. The immediate care and compassion I received is very much appreciated by my wife and me. THANK YOU for all you do!! Happy Holidays!
Posted by Jillian Epp
Dear EMS Team, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent care. Although my memory of those moments are fuzzy at best, I know it is a very critical time and I am so thankful for your kindness and professionalism. Please know how much your roles are appreciated by myself and my family. Sincerely, Jillian
Posted by Anonymous
I ODed and nearly killed myself. All I can remember is at one point the EMT told me he got sober at 20, the same age I am now. I was to thank him and all those who had to deal with my ads earlier this morning.
Posted by Tiffany Shimla
I just want to say thank you to Megan and Conrad that responded to my 911 call when my 6 week ok baby stopped breathing. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. You were instrumental in saving my son's life, as well as caring about me and my husband.
Posted by Jenna MacWhirter
Thank you so much for helping my son, James, after he injured his head at school and had a seizure. Your expert care, your calm demeanor, and the way you entertained him and got him laughing again were EVERYTHING during that difficult experience. Truly, I am so thankful to you two. Oh, and he DID get to have his ice cream. )
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you so very much to all paramedics who are always ready to come in and help and remain calm in any situation from the smallest mishap to life threatening accidents. I admire and am very grateful for your resolve to attend accident scenes not knowing what horrible trauma you might witness. A million thanks, your work is truly appreciated!
Posted by Michelle Shaw
I was like the majority of most I had no direct involvement with our Firefighters and EMS then suddenly my heart stopped while driving. I thank these humble professionals for saving my life and wish I could personally one day say thanks to you I am a true miracle per my medical professionals for being here today because of you and your commitment!
Posted by Pam Cole
Please pass on our thanks to Chad and Dion for a great experience, while transporting Pam from the FMC to the RGH and back to the FMC. Thank you gentleman.
Posted by Bonnie Rothwell
I would like to thank 'Chris and Justin' for taking such good care of me on November 13, 2017 (at about 14301500) when I fell off a ladder. As a 74 yr old, this was quite traumatic. They took me to hospital, stayed with me, talked with me, answered all my questions, and treated me with dignity and respect. My sincere thanks, and gratitude. BR
Posted by Jocelyn Zoller
We have used the paramedics numerous times over the past few years to help my mom. The most recent being today as she had a bad fall. They always come and are kind and helpful I was is such a stressful time. I cannot thank them enough.
Posted by Tracy s
I will forever be grateful for the men and women who responded last night when my son had an anaphylactic reaction. My husband was away and I was panicking already, yet your calm and confident way of handling the situation reassured me that my son will be okay. THANK YOU so much!! May God bless you and keep you safe always.
Posted by Charleen Stokes
On the evening of September 15th, I was transported from Peter Lougheed to Rockyview by 2 wonderful Paramedics my apolgies for not remembering their names I was dealing with kidney stones. They were so kind
Posted by Catherine Hull
Hello there... I had called for EMS on Sunday, November 5th. I was in severe pain with a kidney stone attack, and the paramedics got to my house very quick. It wasn't just that, they were both so caring, respectful and you could tell they really genuinely cared. Their shift was over so the second set of paramedics were just as amazing.. thank you