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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Sarah Gul
I can only say that there is no words to express thanks.I pray that God bless them who cared me with love in my time of ordeal. I felt iam with my family.will never forget the response and care they gave me. My husband also saying,that he never saw a people like them.they were above there services.
Posted by Anonymous
The paramedics who attended at the time of my husbands death were very kind, compassionate,helpful and professional in my time of profound grief. For this I cannot thank them enough.
Posted by Lindsey Mosley
Thank you so much to the EMTs that responded to my call, I have never had kinder care, especially when the one rather cute gentleman (I wish I could recall his name) sat in triage talking with me while I waited (which he absolutely didn't have to do). You helped take my mind off how stressed and scared I was. Many, many thanks to you!
Posted by Anonymous
My mother and I want to thank the numerous EMS units and the Fire Department in the west end that returned numerous times Dec 5 , 6,and 7 helping with a family member who collapsed and we couldn't get up without their help.
Posted by Dee Broadbent
I need to send out a huge thank you to "Mike and Cameron" who were the responding paramedics this past Saturday when I experienced an anterior hip dislocation. Their bedside manner and determination to try and get me comfortable will ever be forgotten by myself or my husband. These truly are amazing people that I was so lucky to have helping me.
Posted by Heather Mundt
Thank you very much for being there when my husband needed to sent to a bigger hospital. You're kindness and professionalism was awesome.
Posted by Dannica Chief
Thank you to the people who responded to my friend's call, alarming them of the dangerous state I was in. I will never know who you are, the people who helped rescue me from myself. Your work and compassion will never go unnoticed. Thank you
Posted by Irene Ali
I was lucky to have Elizabeth and her partner come to my house after I was doubling over in pain today. Their care and compassion meant the world to me and I felt they treated me better than the doctor himself. Thanks you for all that you do!!
Posted by Jennifer Mair
Words cannot express the profound gratitude that my family and I have for the AMAZING, compassionate, proficient Paramedics who responded to our 911 call this past Saturday when my dad had a heart attack in a Home Depot parking lot. Steve, Greg and Coreyyou eased our fears instantly. Like dad said where do you hide your angel wings? Thank You❤
Posted by Amber Cannon
The other night my neighbor had to go to hospital for assessment. She has an 8yearold daughter with Down Syndrome who requires tube feeding. Paramedics waited patiently for friends to come to the house to look after her daughter while she could go to hospital. I believe medics name was Kevin, and a female coworker. They treated them with dignity
Posted by Christine Meier
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the quick response that you gave my dad Norman Nickel on September 20 at Bonanza. He is back at home doing great. Thank you to EMS Ron, MCR Yvonne, EMS Shonna and Collin, STARS Mark and Kim, and the Bonanza Fire Department.
Posted by Amanda
Huge shout out to the paramedics(
Posted by Anonymous
I just want to truly say a heartfelt Thankyou for all you do,the long hours you put in,for the things you have to see and keep a brave face,for the countless lives you save,and the ones you don't,but feel the pain, and think your feelings don't matter, they do, and I want to let you all know, how wonderful you all are! Blessings and hugs!!❤️
I had a heart attack and collapsed in my home on January 15. My wife and daughter where home at the time and my daughter performed CPR on me for about 25 minutes until paramedics arrived and resuscitated me. I would like to thank those paramedics and get a supporting letter from them to nominate my daughter for the St Johns Lifessaving award.
Posted by Justine Melançon
I wanted to thank the entireFirst Responders Team who came to my aid yesterday after a severe allergic reaction and a special thank you to Adam for really stepping up. Adams leadership, compassion and professionalism really shined. Icould tell he comes to work to make a difference and that really stood out .Thanks Adam! I'm much better now)Justine
Posted by Anonymous
I was in a motor vehicle accident in 2012, April 28 just outside of Red Deer. The paramedics were calm and joked with us as they pulled us out of my van. It kept us calm and made it easier to process. They found a nurse for me so I could use a bed pan rather than peeing my pants, which helped preserve my dignity. I was very thankful for that.
Posted by Shannon Davis
I am truly amazed by the quality of care I received. Deeply empathic and compassionate. I really feel very lucky and I'm pretty sure I got the best paramedics. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me that a stranger could be so caring. Totally baffling really. I can't say I feel I deserved it.
Posted by Nicole
Kudos to all of the paramedics that work so hard, and deal with so many traumatic situations! You're unsung heroes doing some of the most important work... We're lucky to have people like you, doing the work you do! Shout out to Laura, who usually saves people's lives while also having great hair. )
Posted by Heather Caldwell
I wish to extend the most heartfelt thanks possible to the firemen and paramedics that arrived after I'd been hit, riding home from work on my bicycle. It was easily one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and I was handled quickly and gently. They let me cry, wiped my nose, and reassured me I would be okay. Thank you so much.
Posted by Nicole
I want to say thank you to Justin, Travis, and Chris. I am still very disappointed in myself. I do sincerely apologize for all the trouble I caused you. Your time could have been put to better use than dealing with me. Please know everything you did to help me that night was appreciated....even though I don't remember most. Again, I am sorry
Posted by Christopher Smallwood
Not sure if I already posted one of these. But in any case, I want to thank the first responders who helped us when my mother, baby sister, and I were overturned in our KIA Sportage. We were pretty banged up
Posted by Anonymous
🚑🤕❤️😻👍🙌👏 Thank you for being our heroes when we are at our most vulnerable.
Posted by janelle davies
to paramedic ben and the other paramedic thank you for trying to help my mom who passed away by the time you got there,you helped me feel calm and cool after finding her passed away that morning,great guys,and when you asked if there was anything you could do for me,and i replied fix the siding on my duplex,i was just kidding,thankyou again
Posted by Laura Driver
My family and I would like to thank the paramedics that helped my father ( Bruno Marinko). My family and I are very grateful. Thank you so much for all you do.
Posted by Anonymous
i wish to say a heartfelt thank you for the kind, compassionate care my elderly mother received on the 26th June, of this year. She suddenly fell seriously ill and the level of care at the home prior to transport, the attention in the hospital and the kind words from the EMT that came to see her is the ER ICU has gone above and beyond, Thank you
Posted by Andrea Stopanski
Thank you to Denis and Jessie for picking me up early Sunday July 17th in Sunset Ridge, Cochrane. I was having a severe gall bladder attack with some other complications. Although it didn't do much, thank you for giving me morphine in my shoulder while you fought my tiny little veins to get the IV in. You're kindness was very appreciated.
Posted by Wayne Osmaachenko
Hi my name is Sheila Pogmore. On behalf of my husband Wayne Iwe would like to thank the two paramedic who transferred Wayne about 315pm(July 4, 20q6) from the Sheldon Chumir tto the Peter Lockheed.Cedntre. Then he team of 3(plus nurse Mila) who transferred him from the PLC to the Foothills Hospital Centre that was at 6"10pm on July 5, 2016.
Posted by Julie Russell
Thanks for your compassionate care!! As a 'firsttime' ambulance rider I was impressed and humbled at your patience, downtoearth communication and guidance.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to the paramedics who came to me when I was experiencing my first anaphylactic reaction in my adult life. The way they calmed me down and took care of me will never be forgotten. It was the scariest thing I've ever gone through. If you guys didn't get there I don't know what would have happened. 3
Posted by Anonymous
You picked me up after I collapsed when no one was there for me. I thought I saw two of you pass by in an ambulance today and just wish I had been well enough to thank you in person. Without you I would have never made it to the hospital. The trainee kept losing his tape every two minutes, I hope he's learned how to hold onto it!