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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Jan Goodwin
We've sent a card but not sure it'll get to the right address people. We'd like to express our deep appreciation to the dispatch and EMT crews who came to the aid of our sister. Although she did not survive the incident that caused her death, we are very grateful for all your care and efforts. Thank you so very much!
Posted by Anonymous
Thanks for realizing the seriousness of my husband's situation where I did not. He had virtually no blood pressure and was going septic. You changed your route from the least busy hospital to the nearest hospital. You took him to trauma care right away. He survived and with you, emerg, ICU and surgery is back to the gym and doing fine.
Posted by Jodie Hebbard
I am so grateful for the team of EMS responders that helped me. I was scared, cold, and in immense pain, but immediately felt relief when they arrived. Their kindness and compassion will never be forgotten. It was a group effort to get me out, but in particular, I want to thank Jackie (I think that was her name) who stayed with me the entire time.
Posted by Anonymous
My husband, a palliative cancer patient, had an acute dyspnea crisis. From the moment the two paramedics arrived he was calmed by their presence. They were outstanding in their demeanour, professionalism and quick actions. While the outcome was inevitable, we find comfort in knowing that he did not suffer in his last hours.
Posted by Robert Falconer
Last night I experienced a major allergic reaction and called 911. The dispatcher was amazing, reassuring me regularly that help was on the way and that she was with me, giving me instructions.Once they got here they were an extremely effective and compassionate team. They gave first aid which resolved most symptoms before getting to the hospital.
Posted by Tracee Fraser
Thank you to the 2 very kind gentlemenparamedics who came to help me after I was kicked in the head by a horse. They were both so very friendly and calming. They gave myself and my husband any information we needed and provided the best service we could have imagined. You are truly a blessing and gifted in your field.
Posted by Debbie Wong
Thank you for taking my dad to the Lougheed after he fell and broke his arm and ribs on St. Patrick's Day. I heard there was a record number of falls and fractures that day so your care for him was greatly appreciated! To all the paramedics, thank you for your strength in a crisis, compassionate care and dedication to all Albertans.
Posted by Kayla McGowan
I wanted to thank Darcy and Eli, the two paramedics who took me on a Ride Along today. I am deeply impressed with their professionalism, skill and ability to remain calm and collected in intense situations. I'm grateful to them for all of the knowledge they imparted and for taking the time to explain as much as possible. Thank you, both!!
Posted by Don Kennedy
Thank you for saving my life the night I was stabbed in a domestic drug and iced incident. My main artery was sliced and I was draining out. I'm alive today thanks to EMS. Also, a special thank you to Bill Johnson (Parkland County EMS Alberta Canada) You, Bill, not only helped my mother in time of need but help her and I to be reconnected. ❤🚑
Posted by Melanie Spitzer
7 12 years ago on a rainy evening in august, an EMT named Brian came and delivered our little baby girl in our bathroom. Words can not express how grateful we are that we were able to call 911 and not have to deliver her on our own.
Posted by Anonymous
I feel thankful every day for the paramedics in my family and how they manage family in the wake of being every day hero's. They make me so proud!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to all our hard working EMS members that help to make our community a better place! You are often unappreciated but please know you are amazing!
Posted by Luella Olscamp
A huge thank you to the amazing paramedics that took great care of me. They really put me at ease. They were two of the most personable paramedics I've ever encountered. Also a very special thank you on giving my daughter information she needed to hear. Seeing as she tends not to listen to her mother. ( I believe she actually listened to you.)
Posted by Louise Moench
On behave on the Mottus family I would like to send a huge thank you to the Rimbey and Sylvan Lake paramedics that took such excellent and compassionate care of our mother after she had her heart attack and for the kindness they showed us once we arrived at the hospital. You helped make a unbearable day a little easier. Thank you all
Posted by Anonymous
Weeks ago I had to make the call for a client who had fallen out of bed not the biggest emergency but I could not help him alone. The three men who came to assist were so professional and so kind, even going so far as to tuck him back into bed after his assessment. It's those little things people remember. Thank you.
Posted by Anonymous
I have been helped by paramedics 34 times before. Throughout the pain
Posted by Raymond Harnish
I would love to say thank you and possibly email the paramedics that saved my life on the evening of March 16 2017 around the Anthony heyday and 127 street turnoff . I was driving a 2001 silver Chevy cavalier. I have no memory of what happened who you are or how you saved me but I would love to say thank you because if it wasn't for you .....
Posted by Kim Hnatiw
Thank you to the off duty EMT who helped my brother after he was thrown 60' from his motorcycle when struck by a distracted driver. Thank you to the first respondents who quickly made it to the scene and transported him to the Foothills Hospital. Without you, he may not have survived. My brother is now a T6 complete paraplegic, but doing well.
Posted by Aldyth Schotte
Fred and I would like to thank the paramedics that came to attend to his severe nose bleed in the early morning hours of Saturday, March 11th. They were all kind, but especially thoughtful was the young man that shoveled the sidewalk while the others were attending to Fred. Such thoughtfulness is so appreciated!
Posted by Anonymous
Two weeks ago, we had to call an ambulance. I would like to thank Jesse Kleinstiver and Michelle Thompson, the paramedics who attended, for their professionalism and friendliness. They were both competent and reassuring, and obviously very well trained. A very sincere and grateful thank you to both of them.
Posted by Sarah Van berkel
Thank you for the 2 paradmedics that helped save my st the time 12 year old sons life. It was aug 2015 when you came and saved my type 1 sons life. I think of you often and I'm so grateful!!!!
Posted by T J
Thank you for the selfless work that you do. For the heart and soul that you put into the calls that you answer. Thank you for the two times that I needed help and you were there. You are more appreciated than you will ever, ever know. 💜💜💜
Posted by Anonymous
The paramedics have been to my house a couple times to help my wife when she had an asthma attack. I am very thankful and grateful for their quick response and kind care.
Posted by Sandra Durant
Thank you all for all you do, greatly appreciated 👍🏻
Posted by Charlene Jepson
I went into sudden arrhythmic cardiac arrest at a baby shower at my church. I was 36 years old, healthy, active mother of 2 young children. They used the defibrillator on me 4 times (2 more times in the ER). I am so thankful for the quick response that day... Thank you for saving me so I could live a long life to love my husband and raise my kids
Posted by Anonymous
I haven't been in an accident. I just wanted to thank them for their heart's, selflessness, and dedicated. It's not an easy job to do, it carries a heavy burden. There's an emotional and mental torment that can attach itself to a person who sees the worst in someone, and tries to save them. Without them, many would not be alive. Thank you!
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you for being there for people, often during the most difficult times of their lives. Thank you for putting a brave face on, even though the calls you go to could be in your minds for months past. Thank you for the sacrifice you make every day you come to work!
Posted by Peter Cameron
In July of 2011 I was having a major asthma attack, and went into respiratory arrest. I called 911 at 6 in the morning, within 2 minutes the paramedics were at my door. They rushed me into the ambulance and off to the Rockyview. I have never been so scared in my life, but because of their action I am alive today.
Posted by Brittany Levinsky (Ellison)
I was struck by a drunk driver while walking. Red Deer emergency services came to my rescue. Minutes and seconds where everything to save my life at that point. They were quick and helped bring me back and save my life. I will forever be thankful for this and all emergency services that save people everyday.
Posted by Christa Elliott
A Great Big Thank You to the paramedics that came and got my daughter and I when she was born. I was surprised as well as my coworkers and family!! It was a hectic morning and all of you were very compassionate and understanding with my situation. Thank You Again and Much Love to All of You.