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Thanks from all of us


Posted by Anonymous
I want to give a huge shout out and thank you to Advance Care Paramedic Adam N. out of Stony Plain for proving exemplary care and being a great ambassador of the paramedicine career for future paramedics.
Posted by John Spence
Thanks so much to the saviors who scraped me up after a cycling accident on 17 Aug and got me to the hospital. It is all black to me, but as I heal I understand that I am indeed fortunate to live among such skilled and compassionate people.
Posted by Frank Hawkins
My profound gratitude to wonderful CALGARY paramedics, Tim and Rob, who attended to me at Bow Valley Square during my business morning. Tim and Rob were tremendous in their expertise and calming manner, and I could not be more appreciative of their topnotch intervention. THANK YOU for your care and triage at a time of intense medical distress.
Posted by Mike wilcox
thank you to the two wonderful ems attendants who took me to the grey nuns. you two made the ordeal alot easier to handle. thank you for your humor and not being bother by the curious cats. and thank you for staying as taking care of me as long as you did. it takes a special person to do what you all do. thank you for your service and your caring h
Posted by Bijan Yusefi
I just have to say thanks to a few paramedics that came my rescue in Edmonton, thank you guys for being so professional.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to the paramedics who came to our home when our sons fever turned pretty scary. We haven't had to ever use this service, and we were blown away with the care and compassion you both had. What amazing work you do and we are so thankful for people like you who continue to do this great work in our communities.
Posted by Priya P
Thanks Mr. Paul so much for reassuring me that my daughter, Shruthi, was going to be fine. You may have seen many cases, but nothing could keep me from worrying about her being able to talk to me. Thank you so much to you and the other first responder who came that day! I didn't have much hope until she said her brother's name. May God be with you always
Posted by Sylvia
Thank you so much for coming so fast when I was in distress. You were my lifeline and I'll never forget it. Your calm demeanor and take charge attitude made all the difference, I knew whatever would happen I was in good hands. In all of it, I forgot to say a big Thank You! you made a difference in my life and I'll be forever grateful.
Posted by Anonymous
Thank you to all the paramedics that have helped me with my eating disorder and self harm struggles. You have all been so understanding and kind helping me in difficult times. When I know it can be such a hard field to understand.
Posted by Anonymous
A big thank you to Alex and Paul for being so efficient and cheerful when they moved my husband, Glenn, from SCHC to Foothills last night.
Posted by Laura Radomsky
I would like to thank Renee and her partner (Kelsey???) for the exceptional care that I received today when I experienced a slight emergency at my place of work. Renee made the whole ordeal so easy for me that I felt completely safe and had the upmost confidence in the care that i received. Thank you for your professionalism!
Posted by amanda ruby
I would like to thank the paramedics for the care and support when I was taken ill on my holidays , if it hadn't been for them i don't know what would of happened as they had no idea what was wrong or why my heart was all over the place ,and ended with me being checked for a brain bleed I thank you with all my heart your amazing people amanda ruby
Posted by Tamara Longman
In June, I had to tell my stepdaughter to call 911 I was in so much pain, I wasn't able to make the call myself. Randy, Amy, and Arlene were the paramedics who arrived so quickly to care for me. They demonstrated skill, compassion, kindness, and professionalism in an unparalleled manner. THANK YOU for all that you did for me. God bless you.
Posted by Steve Tetz
In the Spring of 2006, Dave came to my house twice in a couple of months after I experienced major seizures in my sleep. He was kind, compassionate, and even funny, and helped keep me and my family calm in a scary situation. I don't remember a lot about those two days, but I remember Dave. Thanks!
Posted by dany emack
What nice people, thank you so very much
Posted by Diane S
Words aren't enough to express our gratitude to EMS personnel, especially James LeBlanc, who came to our rescue last week on the Deerfoot highway. Thank you for your professionalism, for taking time to keep our citizens safe 24hrs a day365 days a year, thank you for risking your own safety, thank you for your bravery every day!
Posted by Sasha O'Coin
My husband driving the gold Toyota Camry was tboned. I wanted to send a HUGE heartfelt thank you to Brian and Ty and whomever else helped keep him stable! he has 2 daughters and thank you for doing what you needed to keep him alive! I thought he was going to die. Rushing him over to the hospital and doing what it took shows a true hero.
Posted by Anonymous
I would like to thank Dawn (NP) and Sal (Paramedic). I truly appreciated having them come to and tend to my father in his Alzheimer unit rather than having him moved to the hospital. Dawn and Sal made my dad as comfortable as possible and were informative and compassionate with our family. Many, many thanks!
Posted by Ardith Fricke
Dear Connor, Michael and Lauralee Thank you for your care of my father, Peter B. June 22 2017 in Edmonton You were caring, attentive to comfort needs and gave him the gift of listening ears to his love of sharing historical train memories. It was wonderful to have your assistance. Work safe and know we appreciate you!
Posted by Philip Keating
To the Canmore Team Troy a big, big thank you for getting me safely to the Foothills in good time so they could deal with my stroke. I am making a good recovery thanks to your efforts. Much appreciated by me and my family. You guys rock!
Posted by MaryEllen Price
I would like to send such a sincere thank you to the two first responders that helped me out this weekend.They were so kind, helpful and calming and extremely accommodating.Their level of expertise and care was so amazing and I just can't thank them enough for going above and beyond for me. To update them, my vision is going to be okay!Thank you!!!
Posted by josh wong
Thanks to the paramedic who came to me when I felt my heart palpitating
Posted by Suzanne and Victor Cabel
My husband received excellent care from several EMS June 9 at the Foothills. One man was absolutely outstanding! We think his name was Rory, but not sure? Young, slim, with auburn hair he went so many extra miles in providing care, support and compassion. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! God bless you all.....
Posted by Daniel Woo
Myself , my wife , my daughter and my mom had been helped by paramedics. I was with the ambulances in all those times. I have nothing but appreciation for their help. Thank you!
Posted by Ursula Sherwood
This happened in November 2009. I was going through a very hard time with my marriage breaking up and ended up having an anxiety attack.The paramedics who came and assisted me where amazing caring, understanding and competent. Thank you so very, very much you made a huge difference when I needed the support!
Posted by Anonymous
I wanted to write on behalf of a patient I just had (ultrasound) to let you know all the wonderful things she had to say about Paramedics! You have made such an impact on her and is very very greatful for all you have done. Your caring and compassion has not been forgotten and is much appreciated.
Posted by Marli Clennin
My husband called 911 after I had a seizure and fell down the stairs. You were so kind and I was so out of it! Thank you for giving me the extra few minutes to say goodbye to my young daughters who were scared at mommy having to leave in an ambulance again. I appreciate everything you guys and gals do. Thank you!
Posted by Marli Clennin
Thank you! I was having a stroke and you kept me calm (I wasn't able to communicate well at all but I was aware and understood). I appreciate everything you did that night!
Posted by Heather Congo
Dear Harold and Sid. Thank you so much for taking care of me yesterday. You knew I was scared and you called me down. You were professional, but made me laugh too. Thank you so much! God bless you. Heather
Posted by Dallas Tregubova
A very large thank you to our EMS crew that took care of my father inlaw, Yuriy Trehubov as well as his family, through language barriers and first time emergency situations. Your guidance and patience has helped us deal with a situation in a much more calmer way that I could have imagined, plus the 3 hour wait in the hallway! Thank you!